Terrence K. Williams, a conservative comedian, publicly known as a black Trump supporter, denounced a viral video of police apprehending a black man “unjustly” with a video uploaded on social media on Wednesday, March 31. 

“Must Watch! This will never get old! Officer Pulled a Man over, and they didn’t post the entire video, but I have the part they left out. Was the officer in the wrong?”—Williams captioned the footage on his Facebook account. 

Earlier, the incomplete footage was seen as another black oppression record.

The viral version started with the suspect asking, “detained for what, that’s what I’m trying to understand to know” when the white officer announced he was “being detained.” 

The white officer was standing behind a black man ordering his compliance. Then, the officer took out his taser and retreated from the black man before his backup arrived, which was when he approached the suspect again. 

The situation got more sensible as the backup officer was seen grabbing the perpetrator by his neck and pushing him against the vehicle’s rear. The suspect’s accomplice can be heard pleading with him to comply. The scene ended as the suspect resisted the order, and the three men wrestled on the ground while the woman’s voice was screaming, “Y’all ain’t gotta do all that!” in the background.

However, Terrence K. Williams’ additional footage shattered the narrative the viral video insinuates. It included the moment when the police officer tells the subject that he was pulled over for driving 101 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone, and his detention resulted from him declining to provide them with his driver’s license. 

“Wow, people don’t know how to act at all,” Williams commented as the real version of the incident rolled in, “you see how they posted half the video, and they didn’t show everything?”

“They’re gonna do all of that because that is legal,” Williams responded to the woman’s scream when the officers were trying to detain the suspect. 

“When the officer pulls you over—just comply!” he advised, “If you feel like you were in the right and the officer was in the wrong—fight it in court!” 

Link to Rumble video here

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