In life everything is an exchange of values but this time the negotiation can be a little complicated.

The fact is that a Florida fourth-grader is offering $1 million to veterans in exchange for President Donald Trump being a vegan for a month.

“If people saw him do this, then everyone would hear about it and say, ‘If President Trump did it, maybe I can do it?'” Evan, 9, told the New York Post.

Evan represents the nonprofit Million Dollar Vegan, which seeks—through various campaigns—to introduce people to the benefits of a plant-based diet.

The $1 million will go to “the veterans’ charity or other charities chosen by President Trump,” according to Million Dollar Vegan.

The organization explained on its website that if the president decides to eat vegetables for 31 days, the money will be offered to a charity for an upcoming campaign.

The website also explains that a veterans’ charity was chosen because of Trump’s support for this group.

“President Trump is a passionate supporter of our veterans and their charities, and the vast majority of Americans believe our veterans deserve respect and honor. We believe this is where both he and they would most like to see the $1m go,” the group said.

“He’s the president of our country, and pretty much everyone wants a healthy president,” said Evan.

The truth is that President Trump is extremely healthy at 73. He doesn’t drink or smoke, sleeps a few hours, and is very active and energetic.

As for his diet, advisers said the president now eats more fish, but still enjoys steaks – well cooked and with ketchup – and French fries prepared by chefs at the White House and Trump International Hotel in Washington.

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