Following a recent agreement between the U.S. government and neighboring Mexico, the Trump-era immigration policy known as “Remain in Mexico” will be reinstated as of Monday, Dec.6.

The policy is formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), through which migrants seeking asylum are required to wait outside the United States until they are called to hearings in immigration court.

According to official sources, after much back and forth, an agreement was finally reached between the two countries to reinstate the policy, which will be in effect as of next Monday.

Democratic President Joe Biden had terminated the program as soon as he took office at the beginning of the year, calling it inhumane due to the alleged violence migrants face while waiting in Mexico for their court hearings.

But what followed Biden’s border policies was one of the largest immigration crises in recent U.S. history, becoming one of the most critical points of the current administration that saw its positive image fall deeply because of this issue.

In this context, Texas and Missouri officials filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in April requesting the immediate reinstatement of the program, arguing that its suspension had placed an enormous burden on the states because migrants inevitably use state services such as health and education.

A federal judge in Texas ordered its reinstatement pending the outcome of the lawsuit in August.

The federal government legally fought the lawsuit and the case eventually reached the Supreme Court, who on August 24 finally ruled that the Biden administration must revive the immigration policy implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

But despite the top court’s ruling, the Department of Homeland Security insisted that the agency “intends to issue in the coming weeks a new memorandum rescinding” the policy.

Despite the administration’s intention to eliminate the immigration policy of its predecessor Trump, the chaotic situation at the southern border, coupled with the Supreme Court’s ruling, forced the Biden administration to take up the measure again.

Last week, the Mexican government issued a statement expressing its concerns over the matter and asked the U.S. to commit to expediting judicial proceedings to limit the time asylum seekers spend in Mexico and provide them with medical care

Finally, it was confirmed that the federal government held private meetings with the Mexican government seeking to negotiate terms to restart the program beginning next Monday. 

The effects of the regulations imposed during the Trump era were recognized as very effective in limiting massive and disorganized immigration. However, leftist and Democratic sectors have questioned the initiative for going against the ideals of flexible borders. 

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