On June 11, the U.S. House passed HR 430, a resolution to make it easier to file lawsuits against witnesses who defy subpoenas as Democrats attempt to re-litigate the Mueller investigation and find evidence for impeachment. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urged colleagues to vote nay saying the resolution will not strengthen congressional oversight.

Rep. McCarthy spoke from the floor of the House and said, “At its core, House Res. 430 is just a desperate attempt to re-litigate the Mueller investigation. That’s why I urge colleagues to oppose this resolution. It does not strengthen Congress oversight powers contrary, to what you may hear from the other side, Mr. Speaker. Fundamentally, it is an impeachment effort in everything but name.”

The resolution passed 229 to 191 along party lines and Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said his panel will seek enforcement of a subpoena against former White House Counsel Don McGahn, the most-cited witness in the Mueller report.


Chairman Nadler (D) said, “The resolution passed today will allow Congress to enforce our subpoenas in the courts so that we can carry out our constitutional duty to conduct oversight, uncover evidence and hear from key witnesses. We will continue to work in good faith with Attorney General Barr and the Department of Justice over access to the underlying evidence from special counsel Mueller’s investigation as announced yesterday in our agreement with the department. We will move as quickly as possible to go to court against Don McGahn, the president’s former counsel and any subsequent witnesses who disobey a committee subpoena.”

Even though the multimillion-dollar two-year Mueller investigation determined there was no conspiracy between President Trump and Russia as well as no obstruction of justice, the House Democrats are clearly not satisfied with the results as Speaker Pelosi indicated.

She said, “The administration’s objection not only violates long-established precedent, it endangers our very democracy. We need answers on the many questions left unanswered by the Mueller report, which made clear that the Russians waged an all-out attack on our democracy and documented similar reported documented eleven instances of obstruction from the White House itself.”

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