The Black Lives Matter movement that emerged in the United States was furthered by the death of African American George Floyd in police custody on May 25 and exacerbated anti-racist sentiment by resulting in the cancel culture of expressions that refer to the slavery practiced in the past.

In addition to destroying historic monuments, assaulting citizens, and looting the shops of many Americans, the cultural boycott targeted people in an incoherent and disorganized manner, punishing even its leftist promoters.

One such person was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who was singled out for using confusing arguments in trying to define the boycott that some people complained about, saying, “You are a victim if people choose to ignore you.”

Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) incited her followers to stop buying Goya foods, produced in the United States, because its Latino president recognized the benefits of President Trump’s administration in favor of his community.

The boycott promoted by AOC led to such support for Goya’s products that its sales tripled in a short order, demonstrating that those who want normal social dynamics are more numerous.

For Bari Weiss, journalist and opinion editor at The New York Times impartial journalism was unfeasible in a medium in which she was described as a Nazi and a racist for trying to listen to the voices and feelings of people with different ways of thinking than those promoted by that newspaper, which was strongly criticized for its leftist leanings.

Another of these contradictory expressions that point to the actions of the left promoting the boycott was expressed in a letter published in Harper’s Magazine in which 153 writers promoted freedom of expression, acceptance of divergent opinions, and openness of mind to opposing voices.

“Those hundred or so were almost entirely leftist elitists is of little shock, but the speed with which they began to eat their own was remarkable,” and some of them withdrew because they did not accept the wide diversity of opinions represented by the people who signed the open letter, said journalist Brad Slager in Townhall July 15.

Thus, what began as a defense of free speech turned into censorship of that form of expression.

The destruction left by the BLM movement, initiated in 2013 by the death of another African American and the boycott of Goya Foods and the entanglements in which leftists in the United States engage, is generating a growing rejection among the population that ends up turning against its promoters. 

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