Officer Jorge DelRio, a 30-year veteran of the force, is in “grave condition” after he was shot during a DEA drug raid on Monday night, Nov. 4, in the 1400-block of Ruskin Road, Dayton, Ohio, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said Tuesday afternoon.

Detective DelRio had been working with the DEA Task Force since 2000. He was shot twice during the incident and remained in critical condition on advanced life support, Blue Lives Matter reported.

“Detective DelRio was struck twice in the face and those bullets penetrated deep. So his condition is grave,” Biehl said.

On Monday night, agents came under gunfire from a suspect in the basement. DelRio returned fire but was only able to get off one shot before he collapsed, officials said.

Two loaded pistols with extended 30 round magazines and laser sights were recovered in the basement of the house, one of which is believed to have been used to shoot DelRio.

Agents also recovered an AR pistol that was new and still in its packaging and found 13 kilos, divided up into nine packages, of fentanyl and cocaine and 51 pounds of marijuana in the basement, along with more than $44,000 in cash.

Police took five suspects inside the home at the time of the shooting into custody. Four adult males were apprehended inside the house and one juvenile male was captured as he tried to flee across the front yard.

The suspected shooter, Nathan Goddard, was charged with felonious assault on an agent, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Dave DeVillers said.

Two others are facing federal drug conspiracy charges. The other adults inside the home are all facing federal drug conspiracy charges.

DelRio, who was described as an “amazing individual” with a large extended family by Biehl, received an award for heroism and professionalism in 1990, the Dayton Daily News reported. He also was awarded for his outstanding performance on duty related to a neighborhood security detail in 1994.

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