Democratic Representative Haley Stevens, who co-sponsored a bill condemning U.S President Donald Trump’s “rhetoric,” is now facing an unprecedented threat to her seat as she faces a powerful contender who vehemently opposes socialism—Whittney Williams.

Having entered the U.S. illegally from Taiwan at the age of 10, Williams and her family overstayed their visas and lived a life in shadows for 16 years before marrying her husband and legally gaining American citizenship in 2013.

Now age 37, Williams’s next goal is running for office to challenge first-term U.S. Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Rochester Hills) in 2020. She mentions that her opponent’s record is “not in line with the values of Michiganders because in the Midwest we have different values (than) in California so it doesn’t go well for our constituents.”

Williams, noting she did not speak English at the time of entry to the United States, is now serving as director of diversity for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District Republican Committee and plans to run a “pro-America, anti-socialist agenda.”

A “dreamer” no more: The American dream in practice

“The DACA and DREAM Act didn’t work for me because, even though it was proposed in 2001, nothing was done and Obama ran on campaigning by passing the DREAM Act in his first term and second term,” said Williams. “But then nothing was done and so he used an unconstitutional executive order to put in place DACA.”

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was established following an executive order in 2012, and granted illegal immigrants, also known as “dreamers,” a renewable two-year remission from deportation and eligibility for a work permit. Referring to DACA as “a temporary solution,” Williams noted that it is “not a permanent solution.” “President Trump is trying his best to find a permanent solution for those that are here like me, dreamers,” Williams added.

“With record employment and the best economy in the country’s history, the current administration is making possible for more Americans than ever to achieve the American dream,” said Williams in her campaign video. “I want to further this economic success and fight back against the radical left’s socialist agenda.”

Williams said, to “Fox & Friends,” a conservative news talk program that airs on Fox News Channel, that her childhood as an illegal immigrant was “not a good life.” “I don’t wish that life upon anybody and that’s why I feel the need to speak up now, because the narrative from the left is not portraying that side of the story well,” Williams added.

Williams remarked that the proudest day of her life was when she became an American citizen.

“Now as a citizen, I want to help change the Washington culture,” said Williams in her video running for Congress. “I’m sick and tired of political games, and I’m sure you are too. When I’ll go to Congress as a pro-life conservative who supports strong border security, Democrats are going to have a hard time using their typical playbook against me.”

“I am running for Congress because I love our country. We all deserve a shot at the American dream,” she said.

The Taiwanese American, who is also an automotive specialist, professional actress and model, holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Purdue University, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance from the University of Utah.

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