Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made harsh statements against the Biden administration regarding its relationship with the Iranian state since they took over the White House. He said Biden’s policies were used before during the Obama era. They always failed and are now partly to blame for the increase in attacks against Israel by terrorist groups.

The increase in attacks targeting Israel is a direct result of the Biden administration’s mistake in “going back to the same failed policy” of the Obama administration, Mike Pompeo stated in a radio interview on WABC 770 AM-NY.

“Now the Hamas terrorists are firing into Israel, I can’t believe that the Biden administration is headed back to the same failed policy that they had for eight years with respect to Iran and the larger Middle East.”

As one of the most serious points of this return to Obama-era policies, Pompeo highlights the Americans’ indirect funding of extreme terrorist groups, which today may be the same ones that are attacking Israel with missiles. 

Pompeo’s comments refer to Iran’s state-run news agency’s recent report that said the Biden administration agreed to release $7 billion in frozen Iranian assets and four Iranian prisoners in exchange for four American prisoners falsely accused of spying in Iran.

The criticism warns that if the Biden administration continues sending funds to Iran in connection with the release of American hostages—regardless of how the Biden administration may manipulate it—the Iranian regime will consider it ransom and arrest more Americans as hostages for further rounds of extortion.

Pompeo rejected the idea of making any deals with Hamas while the terrorists continue to hold Americans hostage for ransom. However, Pompeo assumes that Biden will continue Obama’s policy of accepting the demanded payments and thus cooperating with the financing of terrorism in the Middle East.

In addition to collaborating with terrorism, these new policies provide the world with an erratic image of U.S. policy, considering that only a few months ago, during Donald Trump’s presidency, multiple peace agreements were reached in the region that would have meant the total destruction of terrorist organizations.

Pompeo chastised the Obama administration for paying Iran “$150 billion all-inclusive.” And he went on to say in this regard that paying for hostages is not only a bad idea but can become a catalyst for more terror and more hostage-taking by Iran.

“You can’t pay money. You can’t appease,” Pompeo said. “If you do, if you tell them, ‘hey take an American and we’ll write you a check,’ I can assure you, we’ll be writing more checks and they’ll be taking more Americans.'”

Pompeo also spoke about the cyber attack that crippled the Colonial pipeline, putting the United States in check, and criticized the government’s decision to pay the hackers to stop the attack, arguing that by agreeing to pay a ransom, new episodes are sure to come.