President Donald Trump is getting advice on the impeachment from attorney Mark Penn, one of the Clintons’ top strategists, the Washington Post reported.

The former pollster and main collaborator of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns met for more than an hour with the president, his second in command, Mike Pence, and the adviser of the White House, Kellyanne Conway, said the sources quoted by the Washington Post.

During his visit to the Oval Office, Penn suggested the president continue doing his job, that he should “govern” and not “respond to everything” the Democrats say during the impeachment inquiry because, he said, “He will not be impeached.”

Penn has knowledge on this kind of event because he managed Bill Clinton’s impeachment inquiry, measuring his public support and developing government responses about his extramarital relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Penn also became a target of Democrats’ anger when he began criticizing the numerous irregularities of special counsel Robert Mueller’s lengthy and failed investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump administration.

It should be noted that a poll recently published by Emerson, showed that the approval rating of the president rose from 40 to 48%, compared to 47% disapproval. Also, support for impeachment by independent voters dropped 14 points in October, according to the same pollster, dropping to 34%.

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