Lindell is a businessman, philanthropist, and avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, who was indefinitely banned from Twitter in January for consistently violating its propaganda policy and promoting election-related conspiracy theories. He previously confirmed his plans to introduce a new “free speech” social network earlier this month, describing it as a combination of YouTube and Twitter.

During the interview with Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray on 100%FedUp, Mike Lindell explained how top executives from many big-box retailers informed him that they would phase out MyPillow goods after Jan. 9 this year. Sleeping Giants and other far-left groups mounted a full-scale attack on MyPillow, seeking to get its goods banned from major retail stores. It was ultimately their defeat. Mike reports that many sellers are now remorseful about the move and have begged him to return to their shops.

Mike spoke about the upcoming introduction of his new social media site, “Frank.” In terms of features, the site would be comparable to Twitter and YouTube. Mike has also reached out to influential conservatives to discuss adding their podcasts to the site. Mike also praises the platform’s size as well as its security mechanism.

Lindell said they would house the technology on self-purchased servers to prevent Amazon, Apple, or Google suspensions. Such suspensions have historically interrupted the activities of other conservative sites, including Parler and Gab. The website will be “very conventional,” encouraging users to browse, watch videos, follow other profiles, and vote on posts posted by unnamed influencers. It will also have a section for users to discuss local news.

Lindell appears to have met with Trump and that his platform would not interfere with Trump’s efforts to introduce a social media platform. “No, no, not on any of the other sites out there. We need more voices, but the more we get, the stronger. But you must understand that what my website provides are videos that YouTube has taken down, Vimeo, and other platforms … There is a space for those videos on my platform … It’s ideal for live-streaming. It is ideal for multimedia platforms.”

Mike expressed his excitement for the possibility of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey going to jail, as well as the wishing Easter blessings.

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