President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will attend this year’s New York City Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 11 where he will deliver a speech.

White House officials announced that the president, a New York native, will attend the hundredth anniversary of this annual event that had never before been attended by a president in office, according to the Military Times.

The organizers said the parade, which will have 25,000 participants, is a nonpartisan event focused on “honoring” veterans and “to recommit ourselves as a community to providing them with the services they have earned, the services they deserve and, for many, the services they were denied,” said Doug McGowan, chairman of the United War Veterans Council Board, which hosts the event.

However, President Trump’s closeness and concern for veterans since the beginning of his term has not gone unnoticed by this group that considers the president as “a great supporter” of veterans.

“What he is doing now as President with regard to veterans choice, funding our military, and holding them and their families in the highest regard is truly extraordinary,” explained parade co-producer Bill White.

“He is loved by our veterans for sure,” he added.

And that seems to be true, based on a survey conducted by Pew Research, which shows that 57% of veterans approve of President Trump’s performance as commander-in-chief while 48% believe his policies have strengthened the military.

“Veterans for Trump” coalition

In this context, the president’s campaign team announced the upcoming creation of the “Veterans for Trump” coalition in order to generate even more support within this collective, President Trump’s campaign director Brad Parscale explained, according to Fox News.

According to Parscale, the laws passed by the president to improve veterans’ health care and education, the VA MISSION Act and the Forever G.I. Bill, “have made a generational impact for the men and women who have served.”

“The era of empty promises is over. President Trump is keeping his word to America’s veterans,” he added.

The campaign team also highlighted the reduction in the unemployment rate among veterans as a result of reforms carried out by President Trump.

“Veterans are leaders in business, government, church, and our communities; and now we need to lead again to support a President who has repeatedly delivered for us,” said Jeff Landry, the attorney general of Louisiana and the co-chair of Veterans for Trump, according to Fox News.

President Trump issued a proclamation declaring November a month to honor U.S. veterans and military families, extending traditional Veterans Day celebrations as he has done for two years in a row, according to the Military Times.

In the text of the proclamation, President Trump urged communities to “honor the service, sacrifices, and contributions of veterans and military families for what they have done and for what they do every day to support our great nation.”

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