Law enforcement officers murdered at least one Make America Great Again supporter for coming too close to the U.S. Capitol, a Trump supporter and activist alleged.

Capitol Police has been accused of killing Rosanne Boyland during the Washington riots on Jan.6. Philip Anderson claims he was next to Boyland, witnessed her alleged killing, and held her in his hands.

The 34-year-old woman from Georgia was allegedly trampled to death after officers kept piling other demonstrators on top of her.

Anderson claims clouds of pepper spray blinded him before being pushed down. He believes he would have suffocated to death had it not been for fellow Trump supporters who pulled his semi-conscious body to safety. He prayed to God while barely clinging to life, and considers himself lucky to be alive according to the Gateway Pundit.

The survivor revealed another woman, Ashli Babbitt, died during the police response to suspected MAGA supporters who stormed the Capitol building.

Although Anderson tried to expose circumstances of the deaths on social media, internet companies swiftly censored his online account and denied him free speech.

Boyland was earlier seen waving a Gadsden flag, an iconic Revolutionary War symbol, with the caption “do not tread on me.”

The woman had promised family members that she would not participate in any violence. Her sister, Lonna Cave, begged Boyland not to visit Washington.

Boyland was a passionate Trump fan and QAnon conspiracy group member. She did not believe Joe Biden defeated the previous president at the November election, according to the New York Post.

Her most recent Twitter post was published just before then President Trump encouraged supporters to peacefully express concern to Congress, while lawmakers debated the Electoral College result.

Boyland also shared a photo showing tens of thousands of people gathered around the Washington Monument.

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