The son of former President Donald Trump, Eric Trump, was very optimistic about the future of American politics stating that the Republicans, hand in hand with the Trump family, will achieve important victories in 2022 and 2024. But he also warned about the terrible situation in the United States since President Biden came to power.

During an interview on Newsmax on Tuesday, June 22, Eric Trump claimed that more people miss his father, former President Donald Trump, as President Joe Biden moves forward with his leftist agenda.

“There’s a lot of people that are missing Trump, and I think every single day that Biden messes up our nation, I think it further incentivizes my father, and frankly, our entire family to do it again,” said Eric, who today serves as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization.

He was also super optimistic about the electoral road ahead in the coming years. Referring to both next year’s midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election. “I think 2022 is going to be an absolute bloodbath for the Democrats. I think we’re absolutely going to do incredibly well, and I think 2024 is going to surprise everybody.”

The Republicans’ supposed future return to power, Eric Trump attributes largely to Biden’s “demonstrated incompetence to lead the country.” In this regard, he named several issues of different kinds that would be leading the United States into an abyss both economically, socially, and politically. 

“This guy (Biden) is making it easy with his incompetence, and we’re going to walk through that door. I’m telling you; we’re going to going to walk through that door,” Eric said with great enthusiasm and optimism.

Among the issues that are hurting the country, he highlighted the inflation of fuel and commodity prices and the piracy of major U.S. systems by foreign actors. He also mentioned “the southern border disaster” as the root cause of the exponential increase in violence and crime rates throughout the country.

In this regard, he recalled that his father was extremely effective in confronting and resolving these types of problems. 

Eric took the opportunity to denounce that the Democrats have worked hard to harm his family, even setting up a legal system to persecute his father and discredit him publicly. 

However, he assured that his family has nothing to hide, and for this reason, despite more than five years of persecution, they have not been able to prosecute them in any case. 

Eric’s optimistic message came just one day after his father said publicly that he never acknowledged the 2020 defeat and that he would be president today if it had not been for the enormous electoral fraud that affected U.S. democracy. 

The former president also firmly stated that he would have won a second term in the Oval Office if then-Vice President Mike Pence refused to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College on Jan. 6.

“You would have found that you might very well have a different president right now had he [Pence] sent them back,” Trump said in another YouTube video.“If he did those legislatures—look at Pennsylvania now, look at Georgia, Arizona and others. They are all now looking at what happened during that election.”

The enthusiasm of the Trump family and that of his top aides infects optimism in much of the American people who hold to their traditional, patriotic ideals who today watch with fear and sadness as the leftist agenda attempts to destroy the country’s foundations and history.

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