President Donald Trump extended a ban on indoctrinating their employees with racial ideologies to federal contractors. This rule already included other federal employees. 

“A few weeks ago, I BANNED efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies,” President Trump wrote in the first part of two of his Sept. 22 tweets. 

“Today, I’ve expanded that ban to people and companies that do business with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees,” he continued. 

“Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!” Trump said. 

Through an executive order, Trump sought to “combat a radical ideology that has infiltrated diversity training in all American institutions,” the White House reported.

“Federal employees and employees of federal contractors have been forced to attend training that indoctrinates them with radical and harmful instruction,” the same report explained.

This type of indoctrination took place at the Treasury Department and Argonne National Laboratories.

Employees were instructed to avoid “the narrative” that “virtually all whites, no matter how ‘awake,’ contribute to racism.

The training included that racism “is interwoven into every fabric of America.”

As part of this initiative to preserve America’s history, Trump “condemned the intentional distortion” of history.

The initiative also seeks to “promote awareness of our nation’s true history, values, and ideals.

He also convened the first White House Conference on American History and created the 1776 Commission, which will promote patriotic education in schools.

In the same vein, Trump “issued an Executive Order to build a National Garden of American Heroes, in memory of the extraordinary people who made positive contributions to America.”

These actions were also motivated by the controversial Project 1619 that seeks to restore American history from 1619 when African slaves arrived in Virginia.

That project seeks to approach historical facts from a racist perspective and was highly criticized by many historians, who considered it plagued with inaccuracies.

California, led by Democratic authorities, considered that this ‘alternative history’ should be taught through the educational system, which prompted Trump to announce that institutions that did so would not receive federal funds.

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