The Facebook Oversight Board, is the group that will decide whether to lift Donald Trump’s indefinite suspension on the social network. It received an appeal on behalf of the former president seeking to reinstate his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“We can confirm that a user statement has been received in the case before the Oversight Board concerning President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts,” a representative for the Oversight Board said in a statement, USAToday reported.

Facebook Oversight Board

The board was created as a supposedly independent group to hear user appeals and is made up of 20 former politicians, journalists, and academics, and any decision it makes, cannot be challenged by the company, not even by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It is worth noting that it is funded by Facebook, so it could not be said to be a completely independent body.

The oversight board has been dubbed Facebook’s “Supreme Court.” It is meant for users of the giant social network and its Instagram app to appeal content moderation decisions made by Facebook.

Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Tawakkol Karman, Yemen’s Nobel Peace Prize winner and former federal judge Michael McConnell are among the members of the board, in whose hands lies the future on former President Trump’s networks.

Board takes 90 days to decide

Thorning-Schmidt said the board has 90 days to make a decision, adding that while members would like to expedite the process, the timeline is necessary to allow translations and experts to share their opinions.

In addition, the Oversight Board has received about 9,000 comments from the public on the controversial issue of continuing to censor former President Trump, which will also be taken into account when deciding, Thorning-Schmidt said.

For the time being, Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts remain suspended pending the Oversight Board’s decision, which constitutes one of the most controversial censorship cases in social networks, given that Trump, in addition to being the former president of the United States, became one of the undisputed leaders of the conservative resistance against the advance of leftist progressivism worldwide.

Facebook suspended Trump indefinitely in early January following the violation of the U.S. Capitol. The Silicon Valley company was not the only platform to ban Trump amid a campaign they argue without much substance is to remove harmful content from their platforms. Twitter, Google, Snapchat, Twitch and other platforms also suspended Trump’s access at about the same time.

On the day Capitol Hill was breached when Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election, Trump published two posts on Facebook that the company deemed objectionable and removed them, arguing that Trump would be using the platform to incite violent insurrection against a “democratically elected government.”

Reality shows that in both posts, one of which was a video, Trump told his followers that “we have to have peace” and advised them to “go home.”

Later, after reviewing Trump’s posts, Facebook decided to extend the block indefinitely, which continues to this day.

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