Empire State Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is under investigation by the FBI and a Brooklyn attorney general for lying about the number of deaths from the CCP Virus in nursing homes.

One of his officials admitted last week that they hid the data from the Trump-era Justice Department for fear it would be used against them.

The reported numbers and the true number of deaths

The New York Department of Health reported that the number of seniors who died in nursing homes was 8,711.

However, after Cuomo’s top official, Melissa DeRosa, privately admitted to Democratic legislators that they hid the true numbers for fear of retaliation from the Department of Justice, the figure was updated to 15,049 which includes deaths in nursing homes and assisted living/adult care facilities.

Cuomo reported 6,338 fewer deaths to avoid prosecution.

How it all began

On March 25, the governor and his health commissioner, Howard Zucker, issued a state order forcing nursing homes and assisted living facilities to receive seniors discharged from hospitals who were in the process of recovering from the Chinese virus.

What the measure ended up doing is causing the virus to spread unabated in these places with an already high-risk population, resulting in the death of many of these poor elderly.

Thanks to a New York Post report, DeRosa’s admission, which was in a phone call with lawmakers and now the FBI and a New York attorney general are involved in getting to the bottom of the case, with the possibility of filing criminal charges against Cuomo and his officials.

Interestingly, the actions of Cuomo and his administration generated anger from both Republicans and Democrats who have publicly called for the governor to be investigated, while on their side, family members of the victims are calling for impeachment to remove Cuomo.

The media and Hollywood circus

The incident is not new news.

In October 2020, The Associated Press published its own analysis of nursing home deaths and concluded that the number was above 10,000 when by that time officially there were only 6,700.

The Justice Department opened an investigation at the time, but Cuomo tried to shake it off, saying Trump wanted to “distract” the public from his failures as president.

As pressure on the Democrat mounted, a book he authored was published, in which he praised himself for his “leadership” during the pandemic.

He later also received a Grammy award for his “leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic” and mainstream media made a big news story out of the event.

At the same time, many Hollywood actors filled the networks with comments praising the governor for being “a light” in the darkness of this crisis.

None of them seem to be commenting on anything now that the truth has surfaced.

Arrogant and remorseless

According to the New York Post, at a press conference where reporters questioned Cuomo about the cover-up, without showing any remorse and with a lot of arrogance the Democrat dismissed everything with one sentence, almost inhuman.

“Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died,” Cuomo stated.