John Matze, CEO of the social media Parler, spoke to Fox News on Tuesday, Jan. 12, about recent events following last Wednesday’s Capitol Hill riots that boosted his company’s popularity but at the same time prompted calls for censorship from Democrats, celebrities, and legacy media.

Representatives of the radical left such as Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes (D-N.Y.), the extremist individuals of Project Lincoln and Hollywood celebrities filled the media headlines asking Apple and Amazon to take away Parler’s platform because Trump’s supporters were allegedly “inciting violence.” And they effectively left it without a platform.

“Frankly, I would call it evil, because my definition of evil is ‘forcing your will upon others,’ he said. “If you don’t like what I have to say, you can disagree with me, but you cannot take vindictive action against me without being evil.”

After Twitter and Facebook announced the indefinite suspension of President Trump’s account, his more than 80 million followers showed their displeasure with the decision simply by migrating to other applications that do not use censorship as a method of silencing dissenting voices.

According to reports on Monday, Jan. 11, both Facebook and Twitter lost more than 10% of their stock values due to the decision to ban President Trump from their platform.

Matze filed a lawsuit against Apple and Amazon Web for shutting him down under the Sherman Antitrust Act but the social network is offline for now.

Matze said that because of the pressure he has been under, he had to go into hiding with his family.

“There is a group called UGNazi that is targeting me,” Matze said, noting the controversial hacker group has released many of his passwords and personal information on the internet. “They published my street address, they threatened to come through my front door.”

Matze’s case is not isolated.

In the days following Jan. 6 a growing number of companies began to cancel their services to the Trump campaign, Germany’s Deutsche Bank closed the president’s accounts, and the Democrats initiated a second attempt at impeachment against Trump (groundless, again) as if they were trying to paint the sky black over more than half of Americans.

Some weak or at least confused Republicans have also turned their backs on the president and spoken out in favor of impeachment without considering that it was Trump’s supporters who voted them into Congress.

This kind of censorship is not a minor thing and only leads to people turning against each other and apparently that is what the Democratic machine that hates the freedom of the American people most of all, is really after—divide and conquer.

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