An incredible story reported by NPR on Tuesday, April 14, about Bloomberg News killing a 2012 investigation into the wealth of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) elites and trying to silence its own reporters has stirred uproar. 

“This is truly scary. We knew #china owned state media, but it turns out they can also control the United States’ media,” Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) said in response to the report. “Comrade #bloomberg is not alone, this goes for every outlet mindlessly repeating CCP talking points and “official” #covid figures.”

It began in 2012, when a team of journalists at Bloomberg News started investigating the mass accumulation of wealth by China’s ruling classes. Their investigative reporting got them on the CCP’s radar, and the Chinese ambassador warned the outlet’s executives against publishing the report. 

Despite receiving death threats, Bloomberg News’s reporters continued with second chapter of reporting focused on Chinese leaders’ ties to Wang Jianlin, the country’s richest man, as well as the family of CCP leader Xi Jinping. The story gathered steam for one year and senior news editors in New York City seemed to be excited about the investigation, but soon it was dropped. 

In October 2013, Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg’s founding editor-in-chief, admitted in the audio of a conference call obtained by NPR that the piece would “invite the Communist Party to, you know, completely shut us down and kick us out of the country.”

Michael Bloomberg, who was mayor of New York City at that time, dismissed the idea that his outlet would ever back down from publishing the story. But two months later when his term as mayor ended, he returned to the company that bore his name and sounded a different note, NPR reported.

“If a country gives you the license to do something with certain restrictions, you have two choices,” Bloomberg told his staff. “You either accept the license and do it that way, or you don’t do business there.”

Instead of standing by its reporters, Bloomberg News turned on the investigation team, firing it’s Beijing correspondent Mike Forsythe after accusing the journalist of leaking information and trying to silence his wife who was also a team member by forcing her to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Other Republican officials and critics joined Norman to scold Bloomberg News after it kowtowed to China for fears of losing millions of dollars in business deals in China.

“The Democrats (by virtue of their donors) are the Pro-Communist China Party,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) tweeted. “The Republicans used to be Pro-China too.@realDonaldTrump saved our country and my party by confronting China for the first time in a generation. Biden/Booomberg won’t.”

“Wow. Important story about how MSM censors negative stories on CCP in order to make big $$: Behind Bloomberg News’ campaign to silence its own journalists for reporting on China corruption,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote in a tweet. 

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