The Ebert family from Virginia is one of many who are speaking out against state-imposed restrictions and measures due to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus, claiming that as traditional Catholics, they refuse to bend the knee to government narratives that they believe are false and are leading them towards communism. 

Life Site News interviewed Albert Ebert and his U.S.-based wife Andrea, who said they are determined to follow their convictions, even if it comes at a high cost, such as Albert no longer being able to return to his native Germany rather than having to wear a mask on a flight, let alone accept the COVID-19 (CCP Virus) vaccine. 

“I think it’s not just about COVID,” said André, who grew up in socialist East Germany. “It’s also what’s going on politically at the moment. It seems to me that we are on a trajectory towards communism,” he added. 

Ebert, and his wife Andrea, are the parents of six children, with one more on the way. They said during the interview that they would not get the CCP Virus vaccine, nor will they allow their children to get it, and they also said they would not wear masks. 

“If you’re healthy, you don’t have to worry about the virus,” said André about his children, saying that they would rather take risks with the virus than with the experimental vaccine. He even stated that knowing how the COVID-19 vaccine is made makes someone morally obliged to refuse it. 

The Eberts have struggled to find the will to accept whatever the state chooses to impose on Americans today. “Nobody wants to stand out. When you go into the grocery store, everybody’s wearing masks,” he said. 

“The government does what the ‘scientists’, the authorities, tell us to do, and people follow it,” André continued, and in his opinion, people are “like a bunch of zombies” doing what the government tells them to do. “You feel out of place, almost, if you’re not wearing a mask. People look at you,” he added. 

Meanwhile his wife Andrea said that knowing the truth makes one almost “immune” to propaganda and free from fear, and commented that it was difficult for them to reach people who do not follow the family’s health philosophies, because “they’re so sucked into this world of fear and lies.”

But for her it is very important to find like-minded people, and the only way is to be open and “tell the truth”. 

““I almost feel like we have a moral obligation to start sharing and speaking up, and the more people that speak up, we get stronger in our convictions,” Andrea said. 

Both André and his wife are professional chefs, and as they explained, restaurants in Europe require staff to wear masks. They also said they had been forced to decide not to return to Europe, the mecca for many culinary professionals, because of this and also the airline mask mandates. 

However, Andrea commented that she has found that she is not tempted to give up her convictions to return to Europe.

“Europe is far worse off than the United States,” she says. 

“It has lost all its lure, all its spice and flavor and appeal because [of] the [establishment’s] slave system,” she continued, and assured that she wants nothing to do with it.

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