The birthday of this Kentucky newborn is one for the history books.

Charlee Rose Masters was born in St. Joseph East Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky, on Feb. 2, 2020, at 20:02.

She arrived on a rare global palindrome day, meaning that the day is the same both forward and backward. This is the first palindrome date since Nov. 11, 1111, 909 years ago.

Laken Masters expected her baby to arrive on Monday or Tuesday so she was shocked and nervous when her contractions started on Saturday afternoon.

“I didn’t really think about [the date] and then all the nurses that were in the room said, ‘Oh, this is so cool,'” said Masters.

Masters said her mother, Dee Dee Calvert, was the first to note that at 20:02 p.m. Masters could have the baby.

Charlee Rose was born a healthy baby and was named for her late great-grandfather and late great-aunt.

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