California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, claimed in a recent interview that as a result of John Durham’s special investigation, some of the former Obama officials who were involved in the attempted impeachment of former President Donald Trump could go to jail.

John Durham, assigned by Trump as Connecticut attorney general in 2017, was chosen by former Attorney General William Barr in May 2019 to investigate the famous ‘Russia hoax’ with which former Obama-era officials put together a case against the former president to bring him to impeachment.

Trump was acquitted, and during the impeachment process, irregularities were discovered. It was decided to open an independent investigation into the origins of the first impeachment against the former president.

Nunes, who is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, hinted at his hope in a July 15 interview with Sara Carter that the Durham report is coming to an end and that there will be prosecutions of the guilty.

“I’m still positive, and I guess I have to be, that people are going to go to jail, and they are going to be prosecuted for the Russia grand fiasco and the Russia hoax,” the lawmaker said.

Nunes also said that the report will reveal the corruption of many former officials and even if they are not criminally prosecuted it will leave open the possibility for Congress to subpoena them to testify.

“It may not be as broad as we want it to be,” the California Republican said. “But look, there are some major perpetrators. I think, as you and everybody else know, we’ve made over 14 criminal referrals. That doesn’t mean 14 individuals. That means 14 different criminal referrals involving multiple individuals.”

The representative explained in the interview that Durham has the authority to prosecute these corrupt officials unless Biden’s justice department chief, Merrick Garland, stonewalls his efforts.

If that were to happen, Nunes explained, it “would be a big issue, especially if Republicans get control back of the Congress because we have subpoena power.”

Expectations are not high

During the Senate confirmation hearings, despite stating that he saw no problem with the investigation continuing, Garland did not commit to support Durham’s investigation or to make the results of the investigation public.

In addition, the only result after two years of the Durham investigation was a single guilty plea.

Last year, former FBI agent Kevin Clinesmith admitted to forging a CIA email to seek a warrant to spy on a former Trump official.

In 2017 Clinesmith received an email from the central intelligence agency stating that Carter Page, at the time Trump’s international policy adviser, was not an agency source.

The former FBI agent altered the email to say that Carter was indeed a CIA source so he could eavesdrop on his communications.

However, despite the ex-agent’s serious misconduct, he received only one year of probation without imprisonment. Because it was concluded that his behavior did not constitute “moral turpitude,” his law license was revoked for only one year.

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