President Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday his job is to run the country and he should not have to deal with issues meant to disrupt him.

President Trump spoke with reporters at the White House on Oct. 21, and expressed his feelings over recent criticisms aimed at him.

While addressing the recent controversies surrounding him—the decision to pull troops out of Syria, the impeachment proceedings against him and the refusal of his invitation to host the G-7 summit at his Doral resort—the president vented his frustration.

President Donald Trump during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, on Oct. 21, 2019. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo)

He said the “president of the United States should be allowed to run the country, not have to focus on this kind of crap,” reports Fox News.

Speaking ahead of a Cabinet meeting at the White House, he stood firm on his decision to withdraw the military from Northern Syria; he was honoring a 2016 campaign promise he made to bring our troops home.

“Where is the agreement that says we have to stay in the Middle East for the rest of humanity? For the rest of civilization, to protect the Kurds? We’ve taken very good care of them,” Trump said. “We’re bringing our troops back home. I got elected by bringing our soldiers back home.”

A U.S. soldier (L) sits on an armored vehicle near the front line between the U.S-backed Syrian Manbij Military Council and the Turkish-backed fighters, in Manbij, north Syria on April 4, 2018. The U.S. military said on Oct. 11. 2019, it has started pulling equipment, but not troops, out of Syria as a first step in meeting President Donald Trump’s demand for a complete military withdrawal. (Hussein Malla/AP Photo, File)

“I’m trying to get out of wars, we may have to get in wars—we’re better prepared than we’ve ever been,” Trump said, noting that he has his eye on Iran, and warned that the country “could be hit like they’ve never been hit before.”

Addressing the formal impeachment inquiry directed at him, the president blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

“I think these people, it’s terrible what they’re doing—Pelosi, Shifty Schiff, Schumer—these people are trying to destroy the country,” Trump said. “It’s a very bad thing that they’re doing.”

“They want to impeach me because it’s the only way they’re gonna win,” Trump said. “It’s so illegitimate. It cannot be the way our great founders meant this to be.”

When the president proposed hosting the G-7 summit at his resort, the Trump National Doral Golf Club outside of Miami, Florida, it sent Democrats into a rage, forcing the president to withdraw his suggestion.

“Doral was a very simple situation,” he said, adding the event was to be held  there at “no cost.” “It would have been great, but the Democrats went crazy, even though I would have done it free.”

President Donald Trump during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Oct. 21, 2019. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo)

“‘ Oh, you’ll be getting promotion,’—I get more promotion than any human being that’s ever lived, some good, some bad, the people who like me give me only the good, the people who don’t like me give me only bad—I don’t need promotion,” he continued.
The president also donates his presidential salary, which he said is approximately $450,000, and gives his businesses to his family and trusts.

Speaking of President Barack Obama regarding his business agreement with Netflix, and his book deal, the president said, “I’m sure he didn’t even discuss it while he was president, yeah, yeah,” adding, “You people with this phony emoluments clause,” he said. “I would say it cost me between $2 and $5 billion to be president—and if I had to do it again, I would do it in an instant. I’m making a big difference for our country.”

“I’m doing this for the country; I’m doing this for the people,” said the president.

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