A mother successfully reversed her chemical abortion after regretting her decision and applying a protocol that the state of Indiana enacted last April, guaranteeing informed consent on Abortion Pill Reversal (PRA). That law is under threat from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion advocates, who filed lawsuits against the state of Indiana on Tuesday seeking to block it. 

Daysha Neely gave birth to her healthy son in March, despite having ingested a dose of the pill used in chemical abortions, after learning that an abortion pill reversal protocol was in place. 

Neely was among those who testified before Indiana lawmakers about the PRA’s success while the law was being considered, Pregnancy Help News reported

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R), after the bill made its way through the state legislature, signed HB 1577 / HEA 1577 into law on 29 April 2021. It requires doctors who perform abortions to notify women seeking a chemical abortion that it is possible to reverse the effects of the abortion drug if they change their minds before taking a second dose. 

That law, which is scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2021, is being threatened by abortion clinic Planned Parenthood, which filed lawsuits to block it on Tuesday, along with several other abortion providers. 

The abortion giant argues that there is “no credible or reliable scientific evidence” for the abortion pill reversal protocol, despite statistics showing that PRA has saved more than 2,000 lives, Heartbeat International reported.

Planned Parenthood also argues in its lawsuit against informed consent for the PRA protocol to be implemented, arguing that women will undergo abortions thinking they can later reverse them.

But Daysha Neely’s chemical abortion was reversed under the APR protocol, a sure sign that reversal is possible, rendering the abortion clinic’s argument unsubstantiated. 

She told lawmakers that after taking the first dose of the abortion pill, she immediately regretted it and called her provider.

“They told me I couldn’t stop it and that I had to take the rest of the pills or I would bleed a lot,” Neely said.

After this response, she desperately searched the internet for something she could do, finding the Abortion Pill Reversal (APRN) website who put her in touch with a doctor who administered the PRA treatment.

The PRA protocol is a treatment used for decades to prevent miscarriage. But it is constantly maligned by abortion supporters and advocates with the help of pro-abortion media.

As reported by Life News, a 2018 study showed that up to 64%-68% of pregnancies were saved by reversing the abortion pill. 

Dr. Christina Francis, Board President of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), also testified before lawmakers saying she feels compelled to counter misinformation about PRA regularly published by the abortion industry.

“If we truly care about women being able to make informed choices this should include knowing there’s an option if they change their mind.” Francis concluded. 

Meanwhile, Christa Brown, Director of Medical Impact at Heartbeat International, praised Daysha for sharing her story. “Daysha did a great job expressing gratitude for her reversal,” said Brown.  

She added that “Women in crisis often feel as though abortion is their only choice as they face heavy challenges. However, after taking the first medication, many realize they might want to continue their pregnancies and contact us desperate to know if there is still hope.”

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