Joshua James was arrested and charged on Tuesday, March 9, in connection with the violent incidents in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6. He is being held without bail by the FBI and will be transferred to the FBI’s Washington, DC office.

James served in the Iraq War. In Iraq, he was injured in a bomb explosion. Joshua is the family’s breadwinner. He is retired from the military and earns a pension. He is a veteran, a war hero, a devout Christian, a provider, and a business owner, and the father of three small girls, the youngest of whom is three years old.

His wife works part-time as a commission-based realtor. She claims to be a low-income earner.

The FBI enticed him out of his Alabama home by posing as a customer in need of pressure washing—once outside, he was arrested.

After that, an Army armored vehicle with a turret on top, two FBI trucks, six FBI cars, and three local police and sheriff’s vehicles arrived and ransacked their house.

His wife, Audrey James, was forced to stay outside with her 3-year-old for eight hours as the FBI raided their home, smashing a light fixture in the process.

Joshua James has never been convicted of a violent crime. Along with a million other Americans, he attended President Trump’s address at the Ellipse on Jan. 6. He was seen interacting with two other members of the Oath Keepers that day, leading to his arrest by the FBI.

Audrey James was distraught when The Gateway Pundit spoke with her on Friday.

Here is Audrey James testimony as reported by The Gateway Pundit :

Joshua was arrested and charged this week in connection with the events of Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C.

Audrey said that the probation office suggested parole, and they were informed that the prosecutor would not oppose it. However, the prosecution wanted to contest it at the last minute.

“My husband was in D.C. that day providing security detail for speakers of the rally that morning. FBI said they do not believe my husband was part of any violence, and they have no proof that he was involved in violence,” she added.

She also said that the critical subject of their testimony was the Oath Keepers emblem on his cap, the group that had asked him to provide protection for the speakers on that particular day. They kept mentioning two other people wearing the same logos on the same day that were acting aggressively.

Audrey James said, “The public defender asked, “Was Mr. James seen with these people exhibiting aggressive behavior?” FBI Response “No, he was not.”

Public Defender, “Well then, let’s talk about Mr. James’ actions instead.”

She continued, “they say they have cell phone data that shows Joshua pinging off a tower that provides coverage in the Capitol area.” (This doesn’t prove anything other than the fact that he was within a 6-mile radius of the tower).

The following are the reasons why the judge denied bail: Although Joshua has no criminal history and good links to the community, is not considered a flight risk, and may not have been aggressive that day, he continued to communicate with members of Oath Keepers after Jan. 6, implying that he has no regret for the events of that day.

They believe he has PTSD from being blown up in Iraq while serving his country, that he refuses to take PTSD medicine, and that he owns firearms, and that this is a dangerous mix, and that there is no fair scenario for granting bail.

“We said we would get rid of any weapons and even agree to a medical evaluation to prove he doesn’t need medication. Are those not reasonable scenarios? Especially for a combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and small business owner who is the sole provider for his wife and three kids, who has strong ties to the community and isn’t thought to be a flight risk?

“He should be able to be home protecting his family while helping prepare for his legal battles. He is unable to work from jail, and we have lost over half our income if he can’t work,” she said.

She said that her husband has also volunteered his time to respond to and support natural disaster victims, assisting victims of tragedy, injury, and the destructive forces of nature in his neighborhood.

“They called our office line pretending to be a customer needing pressure washing to draw him from the house. They arrested him away from the house but then showed up at our home with SWAT, and a tank rolled up to my front door.

“My 3-year-old and I were drawn outside so they could clear the house and raid it. We had to sit outside for almost 8 hours in the public eye while they tore our house apart and broke a light fixture.

“The only items they confiscated were oath keepers t-shirts, stickers and pamphlets, and a can of some pepper spray,” she added.

She continued saying that two days later, they returned with a warrant for a random mobile phone. Since then, “we’ve received harassing and threatening phone calls, emails, and messages on Facebook.”

Due to bail denial, he will be transferred to the District of Columbia to await trial.

“Who knows when that will be! We have no funds for an attorney of this magnitude and are trying to fundraise. We are hoping to gain enough support and get our story out there to raise funds to help get an attorney to help bring our veteran home on bail,” she said.







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