Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) analyzed the controversial Democratic-led impeachment inquiry against the president, and finds that witnesses did not provide answers and instead raise many questions.

He also stated what he believes would be the real reason behind the impeachment process, according to the article he published in Breitbart on Dec. 2.

For Desjarlais it is clear that the “star witnesses” did not personally witness any deal by President Trump for the president of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

In addition, the Constitution states that it is the president’s function to set the country’s foreign policy, so his intervention was valid.

Ukraine received all the promised aid and did not give in return the supposed investigation that President Trump was suppose to have requested.

One after the other Desjarlais reviewed all the attempts that the Democrats have made to remove the legally elected president, although they did not succeed.

He recalled Russia’s false collusion in which Democrats spent $32 million over two years finding nothing against President Trump.

He also mentioned former Obama administration officials John Brennan, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe, among others from the CIA and FBI, in their attempts to thwart President Trump’s election.

The impeachment would be “Democrats’ last chance to undo an election, protect Joe Biden, and ensure that their far-left agenda prevails in 2020 could also be their worst idea yet,” Desjarlais concluded.

Likewise, he postulates that the report that the inspector general of the Department of Justice will publish this December could expose the widespread abuse of domestic surveillance under the Obama administration.

The founder and president of the Black Conservators of Rocky Mountain, Derrick Wilburn, said the impeachment is a retaliation against the president because he does not belong “to the club.”

The “club” that Wilburn refers is made up of Democrats and some Republicans involved in illegal behavior.

“The ‘club’ has always been making deals and scams for them and their families through which they end up disgustingly rich, incredibly powerful, traveling the world at no personal expenses and eating quail on cookies, all not just behind their constituents’ backs, but with their constituents’ dollars,” Wilburn said.

Therefore, if, as Desjarlais said, the controversial Democrat-driven impeachment is “their worst idea so far,” they will hardly make it to the White House in 2020 and are likely to fail as they did in 2016.