A Texas restaurant opened its doors early to make a little girl’s wish battling leukemia come true.

Three-year-old Adelaide Stanley was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July 2019. Her life has drastically changed since then, according to Fox News.

Because of her cancer, Adelaide’s immune system has been so weak a common cold would put her in the hospital, so her family tries to keep her out of public places. She has been confined mostly to her home or her treatment center for the past seven months. That doesn’t stop the toddler from asking her parents about when they can all go out for Sunday brunch at her favorite restaurant, J. Wilson’s in Beaumont, Texas, just like they used to before her diagnosis.

“One day Jordon Stanley [her father] drove past the restaurant and Adelaide pointed and said, ‘Daddy, I want to go eat there today,'” her mother, Vanlam Nguyen, wrote in a Facebook post. The request brought a tear to her father’s eye, he replied, “When you get better, we will.”

Nguyen shared the story with a friend at work about Adelaide’s request. Her friend then reached out to the owner of J. Wilson’s to ask a favor.

However, J. Wilson’s didn’t just open an hour early on Jan. 26 for Adelaide and her family to have a private meal. The staff did a thorough cleaning before they arrived and even decorated their table with pink accents, Adelaide’s favorite color. They made her favorite menu item: biscuits. The owner of J. Wilson’s restaurant, John Wilson, even took care of the bill.

“They used to come to brunch all the time,” Wilson said. “She got diagnosed about [a] year ago, and they’ve been in confinement for a while.”

Nguyen said the little girl was so excited when she saw the table, adding that “her eyes lit up” upon seeing the pink decorations.

“What they did—going above and beyond to help my daughter eat at her favorite restaurant—it’s just really amazing what they did. Because they didn’t have to,” Nguyen told Fox News.

Adelaide’s doctors are hoping she’ll be cancer-free and back to her “very active” self by September 2021, Nguyen said.

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