A Tennesee man was arrested after he allegedly killed a woman and her 4-month-old baby on Friday morning, Sept. 13, in their home that was set on fire to cover up the crime.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said that Enoch Zarceno, 25, who is the father of the 4-month-old boy, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and aggravated arson in connection with the deaths of 32-year-old Heather Cook and 4-month-old Bentley Cook.

Shelby County firefighters found the mother and son’s bodies on Friday morning while responding to a fire off of Bennington Circle, according to the report.

According to WREG, authorities said both victims were stabbed multiple times. Fire marshals determined that the fire was intentionally set in their apartment.

After deputies located the suspect, Zarceno admitted he entered Cook’s home through a back window, found them already dead but did not call authorities. He later changed his story several times, according to police.

Family members reportedly told police that Zarceno had argued with Cook recently about child support and custody. He allegedly urged Cook to abort their son before he was born. He may have killed them in an attempt to get out of paying and started the fire intentionally to cover up the crime.

Two weeks before her death, Cook joined a private Facebook group for single mothers, asking for advice. She said she had barely begun dating Zarceno when she got pregnant, and he was already in a relationship with someone else.

She wrote Zarceno wanted her to “remedy the situation,” possibly meaning abortion. She added she hadn’t heard from him again until last month, when she filed against him for child support.

Zarceno is expected to be in court on Monday morning and has no bond at this point.

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