According to a report, a neighbor of the Ohio teen killed by cops said he witnessed the chaotic events that led to the fatal incident and that footage from his surveillance camera led him to believe the cop had no choice but to shoot.

 “They were calling each other the B-word, so I figured it was just a girl fight,” The Columbus Dispatch quoted Donovan Brinson, who pulled up into his driveway as the fight erupted on Tuesday, April 20.

After he entered his house, he took his dog out back,  and when the shouting intensified, he went back inside

Brinson said the police arrived, and he heard four shots as his partner, Rachel, threw herself to the floor.

Brinson revealed that he saw Ma’Khia Bryant, who was mortally wounded, lying on the ground through the laundry window.

He immediately remembered his garage surveillance camera and watched the video, which captured the fight and the flash of a knife.

“It was violent and all just happened so fast,” Brinson said, telling the news outlet that the second female, who had pink clothes on, was involved in the altercation with Bryant.

Brinson, who provided the investigators with his footage, believes that more people might have been killed if police had not acted quickly.

As many as seven people can be seen in front of Bryant’s home or emerging from inside, according to Brinson’s 26-second video, which was taken from a much greater distance than the footage released by police.

Another neighbor, Ira Graham III, a photographer and videographer who was working from home on Tuesday afternoon, said he heard gunshots.

“I saw a bunch of cop cars coming down the street,” he told the Dispatch, adding that he saw officers perform CPR on Bryant and then saw the police footage of Bryant’s conduct.

“I believe in truth and facts. Video doesn’t lie,” he stated. “She was in full attack mode.”

The girl “was literally aiming a knife at this young lady. She needed to be stopped at that point. That young lady’s life was at stake,” said Graham, referring to the girl in pink.

The officer who shot the teenager, identified as Nicholas Reardon has been put on paid administrative leave, according to the New York Post. He is also a member of the United States Air National Guard.

On Wednesday, NBA star LeBron James shared a picture of Reardon on social media, tweeting, “YOU’RE NEXT. #ACCOUNTABILITY,” according to Law Officer. The insensitive tweet drew widespread condemnation, with many seeing it as a threat to the officer’s safety. 


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