Data from the U.S. Census Bureau 2021 reveals that, during 2021, more people moved from Democrat-run states to those governed by Republicans due to the rising cost of living, insecurity, and pandemic mitigation measures.

Washington DC, which is not a state, lost almost 3 percent of its population from April of last year to now, followed by New York, which lost 1.6 percent, Illinois nearly 1 percent, Hawaii and California suffered a 0.7 percent decline.

Meanwhile, the states that experienced the most significant population gains were those governed by Republicans, starting with Idaho with an increase of nearly 3 percent, followed by Utah at 1.7 percent, Montana at 1.7 percent, Arizona at 1.4 percent, and South Carolina at 1.2.

Florida and Texas, the two states most criticized by the mainstream media and the Biden administration for their opposition to the Democrats’ mask-wearing, school closings, critical race theory, and immigration policies, had 1 percent growth, although substantially, Texas was the state that received the most major business from California because of its flexible tax and regulatory policies with business.

According to Fox News, due to the size of each state, the largest internal migration increases occurred in Florida, which received 220,890 new residents, followed by Texas and Arizona. The most extensive domestic migration loss occurred in California, which lost 367,299 residents, followed by New York and Illinois.

The southern states were the only region with a positive net internal migration of 657,682 between 2020 and 2021. On the other hand, the Northeast lost 389,638 net over the same period.

High taxes, insecurity, and individual freedoms

In September, the Hoover Institute released a report revealing that hundreds of companies closed their California offices to move to Texas primarily because of high taxes and invasive business regulations.

California was ranked as the worst state to do business in and Texas as the best.

From 2018 to 2021, of the top 256 companies that had their offices in California, 114 moved to Texas, where the flexibility to open a business and low taxes attract entrepreneurs.

Among the most well-known companies that left California because of the hostile environment for business are Hewlett Packard, Tesla, and Oracle.

Along with New York, California also implemented the most stringent measures to combat the pandemic, which impacted the overall positive business cycle.

On the opposite side of the aisle, Governor Ron DeSantis never resorted to total lockdown, was the first state to open the economy and schools. Yet to this day, the state has experienced no major outbreaks or deaths from the virus.

“The taxes I was paying in Cook County … were getting really insane. My property tax went up $1,000 in one year. And I realized that that trend was going to continue,” said Paula Miller, a former Chicago-area resident, adding that she also feels “truly safe” in Florida because Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, “is a law-and-order governor.”

“Our plan was to reassess in the summer of 2022 where we wanted to go,” former Chicago resident Lauren Callahan told Fox, “but with COVID and city life in general … we decided to come to Florida in November.”

A former New Jersey resident Warren Cohn, who now lives in Miami, said that in addition to the tax benefits, Florida, ‘it’s a state that has …various freedoms. … I think that the governor has done a good job here allowing people to decide what’s comfortable or not for themselves.’

A lenient ‘justice’ system

Another factor that caused internal migration is the insecurity experienced in Democratic states.

Due to the progressive approach of California district attorneys like Chesa Boudin and George Gascon, who refuse to send criminals to prison, the state saw an exponential increase in crime.

Videos of thieves looting upscale stores in broad daylight, taking carts of stolen goods from supermarkets past security guards, or smashing car windows to loot cars became commonplace in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Neighbors in San Francisco’s Marina District neighborhood were forced to hire private security to patrol their neighborhood streets amid increased thefts.

The ‘defund the police’ movement promoted by the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and supported by Democrats such as New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, who shut down the city’s Police Department’s anti-crime unit, spiked crime to a record level and violence, especially in the poorer neighborhoods where the unit was responsible for disarming criminals.

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