The Chinese Communist Party’s handling of the CCP Virus pandemic, also known as the new coronavirus, is being criticized, especially the coverup of useful information so that the countries of the world could deal with the threat in time.

According to a recent survey by Morning Consult, 73 percent of American adults blame the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the deaths caused by the coronavirus, indicating that it bears at least some responsibility.

The survey also showed that despite the latent bipartisanship that hovers over various issues relevant to the day-to-day problems of Americans, there is a near unanimous view of the CCP’s culpability for the pandemic.

For 80 percent of Republicans, the CCP is responsible for the pandemic, while for 71 percent of Democrats surveyed, the CCP is to blame.

As for Americans who don’t practice social distancing, the survey showed that they receive disapproval from 84 percent of Democrats while for 67 percent of Republicans, those who don’t practice social distancing are to blame for the current U.S. epidemic.

The political bipartisanship remained with respect to the Trump administration’s handling of the epidemic, showing that for 81 percent of Democrats said the current administration is responsible for the death toll, but only 37 percent of Republicans feel the same way.

The reopening of American society, one of the measures promoted by the Trump administration that has also been questioned by some health experts and by the Democrats, has been performing well for the moment, since states such as Georgia and Colorado that were reactivated a few weeks ago have not shown an increase in cases of contagion.

As announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” program, for now the areas that are opening are not registering spikes in contagion cases.

“With reopening, what’s the key to reopening? First, we need to have good surveillance. So we need to look for influenza-like illness and other respiratory disease. We have a great surveillance system for that. We look for spikes and early indicators. We have adequate testing capacity,” Azar told CNN anchor Jack Trapper.

As for the World Health Organization, which has been criticized by the United States for favoring and covering up the dubious reporting by the CCP, the poll showed 65 percent dissatisfaction among Republicans and 51 percent among Democrats.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), has been especially emphatic about the CCP’s misguided actions and the role the WHO has played in helping to cover up information to warn the world about the pandemic.

“There’s no question that Xi Jinping and senior officials in the Chinese Communist Party were pressuring the WHO all the way back to December to undersell the risk of this virus,” Cotton said Sunday on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Features.”

“Look, they knew in China early on, probably as early as the early days of December, that this virus was both highly contagious among humans and that it was very deadly for certain people. Yet they wanted to save face,” he added.

Adding to the WHO’s accusations of mishandling is the warning that Taiwan attempted to issue in late December of last year about a possible virus that was transmitted from person to person, but was eventually ignored.

In a recent speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Jack Heath radio program, he spoke about CCP’s cover up of the CCP Virus.

“We know this much: We know that this originated in Wuhan, China. That was challenged by the Chinese at the front end. This administration was very clear we weren’t going to accept that disinformation, pushed back. I think the whole world knows that this began and originated there in Wuhan.”

“Where exactly it came from, it matters. We want to know the answers to that,” he said, according to a transcript of the program posted on the State Department website.

Pompeo said that at the moment there is evidence that the virus came from a location close to the laboratory, indicating that it was therefore necessary to get a clear answer on this issue in order to know where patient zero came from.

“We need it for all of the epidemiological work that needs to be done to protect Americans today and tomorrow,” he said.

Regarding the role of the WHO, the secretary of state said, “The WHO failed in its mission to provide the world with timely information on the risk emanating from China. They knew it; they saw it.”

“There was pressure from the Chinese Government [CCP] not to declare this a pandemic, and it became a political institution rather than a medical, scientific institution that it was designed to be,” Pompeo added.

According to the Western Journal, Eco Health Alliance, a nonprofit organization, said the coronavirus was active in China before December of last year.

According to research published in March by Vanessa Molter, a graduate research assistant at the Stanford Internet Observatory, the CCP has used state media to “control the narrative and deflect blame” since the outbreak began, both at home and abroad.

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