Surveillance cameras have brought to light many questions about the irregular behavior of the election workers in Fulton County. While the conversation around a potential mischief to alter ballot results remains unsettled, it should be worthy to know who was behind the staffing process.

This should bring attention to State Rep Stacey Abrams (D-GA), whose trace was found around the main contractor used in Fulton County elections during the Nov 3rd poll and the Jan 5th U.S. Senate runoff.

Abrams’ footprint was spotted by CD Media, which by following a public hearing broadcast live on Fulton County, GA Government TV, was able to notice through a piece of the document presented in court which showed a relation between Now Account and the staffing service Happy Faces Personnel Group which offer election employees to the area.

The document listed Happy Faces Personnel Group as a debtor, whereas Now Account was its secured party. While debtor means borrower or buyer and secured party another term for lender or seller, it means that Now Account was financing the staffing service group. 

According to TechCrunch, Abrams, a former Democrat gubernatorial candidate, co-founded Now in 2010 with O’Connor Hodgson. This company was pitched “to provide small businesses a quicker method for getting invoices paid.”

As locals testified, per the CD Media, Abrams owns 16% of the finance company, and it “financed and recruited employees for Happy Faces.”

This should suggest that the election operation in Fulton might have been under highly partisan management, which inclined more on the Democratic side. 

In an update, hope for progress was up in clarifying what the two poll workers actually did on a particular night that their irregular actions were caught on surveillance tape as they were subpoenaed on June 10. 

However, a judge on that very Thursday agreed to a last-minute motion filed by the lawyers for the Fulton County, Georgia Board of Registration and Elections and allowed the depositions to be postponed to prioritize the forensic audit. 

The attorneys believed the outcome of the forensic audit would be more critical in detecting potential election fraud, which would begin on June 28. 

“There should be nothing to hide,” said attorney Kurt Hilbert, as Conservative Brief reported. “Tea Party Patriots, the citizens of Georgia, and the former president have a right to know exactly what happened and how many ballots were illegally cast and counted.”

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