Howard Rubin, a well-known businessman who for many years worked as George Soros’ right-hand man, was accused of raping and violently beating several women in sadomasochistic sessions. All the encounters took place in a luxury Manhattan property rented by him and used exclusively for these purposes. 

According to the New York Post, Rubin, 66, a prominent Wall Street financier best known for having served as a former Soros fund manager, has been dealt a crushing blow after receiving a series of lawsuits accusing him of being a violent sex offender.

So far, six victims have denounced him, and all agreed in their stories about the controversial property in New York, which functioned as a real “sex den” to host violent sex sessions.

The first accusations against Rubin were in 2017, but as recently reported by the NY Post, new complainants would have been added that further compromised the accused.

The sickening details published by the NY Post revealed that one woman was beaten so brutally that her plastic surgeon was even unable to operate on her after her right breast implant burst following the blows she received. 

One of the most shocking details to emerge from the recent allegations is that one of the plaintiffs claimed that while she was bound and vulnerable in Rubin’s lair, he told her, “I’m going to rape you like I raped my daughter,” and then, according to the complaint, forced her to have sex against her will.

Last month, Rubin’s wife of 36 years, Mary Henry, with whom he shares three children, filed for divorce after enduring four years of cohabitation since the first allegations were received.

The original allegations were filed by Mia Lytell, Amy Moore, and Stephanie Caldwell in 2017.

Lytell and Moore are former Playboy co-workers, while Caldwell is a model who worked at a Miami strip club.

John Balestriere, an attorney representing the first three plaintiffs, summarizes that the women were brought to New York after receiving a promise of payment in exchange for consensual sex in all three cases. However, the complainants claim that Rubin went beyond what was agreed upon in the events and they were sexually and physically abused.

“None of these women came to New York knowing that they would be physically and sexually abused. They did not consent to what did end up happening. The key factor is that Mr. Rubin said these individuals consented to the physical and sexual violence perpetrated against them. Our clients say they did not consent,” said the renowned lawyer.

For his part, Rubin’s attorney, Edward McDonald, testified on his behalf asserting that the women plaintiffs signed strict confidentiality agreements, with fines of at least $500,000 if they broke the agreements and an acknowledgment that violent sex, with risk of injury, is what they were consenting to and for which they would receive their payment.

The complaint alleges in this regard that the women were given little time to review the agreements and “had no lawyers to advise them,” Balestriere said.

The original complaint said that while Lytell and Moore believed Rubin intended to play “some mild fetish games and maybe take some pictures, they were not expected to be tied up with rope and duct tape and gagged or actually beaten.” 

Rubin now faces a civil trial set to begin in November 2021, seeking at least $18 million in restitution for damages to the victims. 

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