U.S. billionaire leftists are reportedly funding the Democrats’ campaign to end the filibuster. This measure requires 60 percent of voters in the Senate to debate legislation that will be voted on. 

The contributions are cloaked in anonymity through Washington-based consulting firm Arabella Advisors, which channels the monies through the nonprofit Sixteen Thirty Fund, according to The Washington Free Beacon March 22. 

The Sixteen Thirty Fund created the group “Fix Our Senate,” which is associated with some 60 progressive groups urging moderate Democrats to eliminate the filibuster, one of the protections that require a broader consensus to pass legislation. 

The “Sixteen Thirty Fund” is used by George Soros, the billionaire who funds many leftist groups worldwide, and other members of the “Democracy Alliance,” a secretive donors’ club that gives money to leftist causes to maintain anonymity.  

The “Fix Our Senate” group is also not required to disclose who its donors are so that it can keep them secret, nor is it required to file full accounts of its financial statements. 

Based on available records, Arabella Advisors provided $715 million of dark money to various progressive causes in 2019. 

According to Americans for Public Trust executive director Caitlin Sutherland: “This coalition of groups is disingenuous when in reality these are just trade names of the Sixteen Thirty Fund—a branch of the overarching behemoth ‘Arabella Advisors.'” 

She added: “These groups are trying to imitate local, grassroots groups but are backed by Arabella to influence public policy.”

Since eliminating the filibuster is one of the items on the Democratic leftist agenda, the president, Joe Biden, said he supports eliminating the requirement and would change it to a “talking filibuster.”

As part of a campaign to smear the procedure they want to destroy, Fix Our Senate launched a million-dollar campaign to make it look like part of “racism,” according to Eli Zupnik, spokesman for Fix Our Senate. A concept they have successfully used to impose progressive changes on the country.  

The ‘filibuster’ action occurs in the Senate when there is an intention to block or delay a bill’s passage or other issues. To achieve this, the opposing senators debate at length, file procedural motions, or other actions to interfere in that direction.

The filibuster rule states that at least 60 senators—out of the total 100—must agree that a given debate, whether on a bill or a nomination for office, be concluded and then voted on by the Senate.

In other words, if, for example, Biden sends a controversial nomination to an office, which could well happen, the debate would begin, but it is not known when it would end so that it could then be voted on.

By eliminating this rule, Biden’s nominations and some controversial Democratic senators’ bills could be voted on quickly in the Senate with “express” debates.

In the opinion of Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, if the Democrats destroy the filibuster, they would plunge the country into a “Socialist Abyss” by using others of its resources.  

“If we have a Chuck Schumer Senate and a Joe Biden presidency, they will pack the U.S. Supreme Court; they will end the filibuster; they will pass massive tax increases; they will pass the Green New Deal, destroying millions of jobs,” was the scenario Cruz laid out in November, aptly according to the facts that are currently occurring. 

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