The Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney’s Association (ADDA) sued District Attorney George Gascon, who is funded by billionaire profiteer George Soros, for reducing the sentences of certain offenders in violation of California state law.

With less than a month in the job, Soros backed Gascon ordered an end to cash bail, the death penalty, and extended sentences for aggravating circumstances, such as using a weapon or gang membership, according to Breitbart on Dec. 31. 

These contradictory modifications of the law generated confusion and displeasure among the 1,000 L.A. County prosecutors, who asked the judge in their lawsuit for an injunction against left-leaning prosecutor Gascon. 

“Do we follow our legal and ethical responsibilities and risk getting disciplined, even fired, by our new boss?” queried The Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) Vice President Eric Siddall on behalf of the subordinate plaintiffs.

“Or do we follow his policy directives and risk losing our California State Bar Cards, and, by extension, our ability to practice law anywhere in the state?”

In his defense, Gascon argued that existing penalties increase recidivism and create more victims.

Gascon’s previous tenure as a district attorney in San Francisco is believed to have led to an increase in petty crime, which is deteriorating the city’s safety.

He is also one of the radical-left prosecutors financed by Soros to deteriorate law enforcement and increase chaos in U.S. society, according to the charges. 

An investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation published on Aug. 10 shows that some leftist district attorneys who publicly said they would take a “soft” stance on certain types of crime generated a significant increase in those districts’ criminality.

A factor common to many of them is the funding of a leftist political organization, supported by Soros, which has invested millions of dollars for this purpose. 

According to a former prosecutor and a senior member of the Heritage Foundation, Cully Stimson, these prosecutors’ practice is harmful.

“What they ran on and what they practice is a wholesale abrogation of their duties, taking whole classes of crimes and reclassifying them as not-crimes. Where they have taken office, there’s been an institutional breakdown of civic and professional norms,” Stimson said, according to the Washington Times of Aug. 20.

On the other hand, Soros gave $220 million to groups focused on “racial justice,” according to his organization, the Open Society Foundation, which also funds the Marxist Anti-Faith organization.

Political activist Candace Owens also referred to the issue in one of her tweets. 

“As he did with Antifa, Democrat George Soros has these thugs on the payroll,” Owens wrote on Twitter, referring to the violent groups that caused riots in Minneapolis and, as it became known later, were not from there.

“He is funding the chaos via his Open Society Foundation,” Owens said.

Soros is known for contributing large amounts of money to leftist movements and ideologies in many countries to destabilize their governments while posing as a philanthropist. 

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