A health issue prevented a Houston local artist from his dream of becoming a soccer player, but he is still heading to Russia to be a part of the World Cup in a very special way.

Betirri Bengtson is known for creating a large soccer mural on a wall in downtown Houston. It’s 65 feet by 25 feet and took him almost four weeks to finish.

“The players are four legends from four different countries which they all wore number 10,” he said.

Bengtson describes his recent painting style on canvas as bodyless soccer players in motion. He wants the paintings to be timeless.

The artist suffered from severe asthma as a kid, which prevented him from pursuing his passion for soccer.

“I wanted to continue to have this sport in my life in a way and I found this way incorporating it into my art,” Bengtson said.

His latest project includes a mural at Pitch 25, a beer garden owned by a former Dynamo player Brian Ching. But his art has also taken him around the world. He showcased his work in Canada for the Womens World Cup at 2015, and he was also invited to showcase in Brazil for 2014 World cup.

“Just wanted to be at every big tournament and share my work with every soccer fan. It was a lot of work. I have never been to Russia before, and I didn’t know anyone, but I made it,” said Bengtson.

A dozen of Bengtson’s pieces are now being prepared to head to Russia, with the help the Russian consulate and different galleries. Two special pieces are titled “Flora, Fauna, and Football,” which represent Russia and his native Mexico. He says for some countries soccer is just as much of a national fabric as its native plants and animals.

Bengtson also hopes to eventually open a cafe and gallery in Houston.

Source: The Epoch Times

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