The “China Hustle” is a $1.56 billion stock scheme that one shareholder claims defrauded Americans of billions of dollars, and he alleges Hunter Biden’s bank records hold proof of it.

Joel Caplan has inserted himself into the paternity case against former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, requesting Judge Don McSpadden make him the “third party in Lunden Roberts’s suit against Biden,” reported The Daily Mail. Roberts is seeking custody over the child Hunter has been proven by DNA testing to have fathered.

Caplan, filing his papers as “an intervenor” from Jerusalem, has detailed in a 30-page filing how he allegedly lost 10 years of his life savings as a shareholder in several companies that have disappeared in China through the Hustle.
He claims the Hustle involved giving investors fake company documents, claiming they were genuine investments. Chinese nationals made fortunes from the fraud, using their money to bribe individuals like Hunter Biden claims Caplan.

He has referenced the president’s claim last October that Hunter was paid $1.5 billion from a China-based equity fund, a claim Hunter has denied.

He said that he bought into a Chinese investment fund after his father left office for $420,000. The $1.5 billion was the amount the fund aimed to raise in China for investments, reported the Daily Mail. In court documents obtained by The Mail, Caplan states it is “astonishing and nauseating that somehow Biden was able to secure $1.5 billion from Chinese nationals who claimed (one might say bragged) that they had “trillions” to invest …”

Caplan wrote, “Is the entire planet becoming corrupt as the Bible tells us in the days of Noah?” then goes on to quip scripture verses.

He added, “Your honor, I am screaming and telling everyone that the Emperor has no Clothes!! Billions of dollars were lost in China where U.S. Court judgment are not respected, and there is no “rule of law,” and then allegedly, individuals like Biden can be bribed with that stolen money to buy U.S. companies for the Chinese …”

Another intervenor, Dominic Casey filed papers for the Florida-based D&A Investigations, to Independence County on Dec. 27, making the claim they had provided Lunden Roberts, with ‘electronic access’ to Biden’s bank account records, which are “subject of known felonies including fraud and counterfeiting,” reported  Daily Mail.

D&A spoke with Fox News on Friday, and said the bank records “verify the counterfeiting scheme accumulating $156,073,944.24 with an average account value (monthly balance) in the amount of $6,785,823.66.” Burisma, the filing claimed, financed “Atlantic Council (Ukraine) and associated rogue operatives from the [U.S. State Department], FVEY, and CrowdStrike in Ukraine, suing PrivatBank.”

Biden’s lawyer Brent Langdon said Casey’s attempt to get involved is “a scheme by a nonparty simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain some quick media attention,” and asked Judge McSpadden to strike it from the record, and award costs against Casey to Hunter.

However, before he made a ruling on the motion, McSpadden recused himself without giving any reason. Fox News reports that according to the administrative plan, the case will now go to Circuit Judge Holly Meyer.

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