Two lawmakers, one from the Republican Party and the other from the Democratic Party, have introduced a bill in the Senate, which requires the federal government to buy national flags made in America.

In their co-sponsored legislation, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) propose that the government must purchase American flags that are produced with American-made materials and manufactured entirely in the United States, according to Fox News.

“The American flag serves as a symbol of our identity, resolve, and values as one people. To honor its significance, the federal government should only use flags entirely manufactured in the United States,” Collins explained.

The senator added that the bipartisan legislation would ensure the symbol of the United States is preserved while supporting American jobs and manufacturers.

The current law mandates that the federal the government buy flags made from at least 50 percent American-made materials.

The two above lawmakers also introduced the  All-American Flag Act (H.R. 3121), which passed the Senate in 2011 and 2014, but stalled in the House.

The new bill was launched because a lot of American flags are being imported from China.

The Conversation citing a source from the U.S. International Trade Commission showed that the United States imported 10 million American flags in 2017, of those all but 50,000 came from China.

Though such imports represent just a tiny fraction of an estimated 150 million Americans flags the U.S. purchases each year, 10 million is still a large number for a national symbol.

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