Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), a staunch doubter of the Nord Stream 2 project, continued his fight against it on Wednesday, August 11, vowing to employ all his capacity to stop what he deemed “a national security threat.”

“I Will Use All Options To Stop Biden-Putin Nord Stream 2 Pipeline,” he stated after blocking multiple of President Joe Biden’s State Department nominees during a Wednesday speech on the Senate floor.

“All of the senators in this chamber know precisely why these nominees have not moved forward,” he said. “The reason is because the Biden administration is currently engaged in open defiance of the United States Congress, and is doing so in a way that is working serious and material harm [to] the United States’ national security.”

The Texas Senate demanded the U.S. President resume the existing Congressionally-mandated sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline the administration decided not to impose.

The project which would deliver gas from the Russian Arctic under the Baltic Sea to Germany was already more than 98% completed, according to a July 21 report by Reuters.

On July 21, the White House reached a deal with Germany, in which Berlin pledged to respond to any attempt by Russia to use energy as a weapon against Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European nations, per Reuter.

“Vladimir Putin desperately wants this pipeline completed. If the pipeline is completed, it will give billions of dollars to put into use for malign efforts in Europe and throughout the world,” Cruz alleged, citing a bipartisan sanction bill passed to illustrate that Congress, in general, opposed the project.

“For a year the pipeline lay dormant, it lay as a hunk of metal at the bottom of the ocean. We had succeeded. Together, this body had won a bipartisan national security victory for the United States,” he said.

Cruz argued against the Biden administration’s reasoning that it was too late to stop the construction anyways since it was already more than 90% completed, alleging that the president was misled by the Russian disinformation.

“There was a massive Russian disinformation campaign throughout Europe, where the Russian government was putting out, ‘These sanctions will never pass, and if they pass, they will never work. Why? Because the pipeline is over 90 percent complete,’” Cruz said. 

“Well, Mr. President, a pipeline that is 90% complete is a pipeline that is 0% complete. Until it is 100% complete, it transmits zero natural gas. The pipeline doesn’t work until you finish it,” he countered. 

Cruz said he would not lift the hold of Biden’s nominees until the administration imposed the sanction. The senator had constantly blocked such confirmation in protest of the Nord Stream 2 construction multiple times since Biden took the office.

“Given that the president and White House have indicated they intend to defy the law, I’m not going to lift the holds unless and until they relent in their effort to give this gift to Vladimir Putin,” Cruz said.

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