Democrats are rushing bills through Congress “because they know if the people have the chance to weigh in… they’re toast,” Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said.

The 2022 midterm elections are “driving a lot of their haste,” the Tennessee Senator told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Tuesday. “It’s like they’ve thrown the towel in, they know they’re going to lose the House and the Senate in 2022. So now it is like they’re trying to go for broke, and get in something.”

Blackburn explained that all the Democrats’ recent moves, such as H.R. 1, their election bill, or getting the Supreme Court packed, are all for “holding on to power.”

Because if people have the chance to think through, if there is still a fair election and a court not packed, she explained, then the Democrats know that “they’re toast” with the election results in 2022.

And that is why they are “trying to move at lightning-fast speed” with all of their progressive policies.

As people are leaving blue states and Democrats are forced to face the fact that their policies are controversial, they have chosen to circumvent the Constitution, Blackburn explained.

“The only way they can forestall it is to go outside of the Constitution and the rule of law and force this socialist agenda,” she said. “I know that sounds far-fetched, but that is precisely what they’re trying to do. They want to institutionalize a permanent Democratic majority.”

“And right now, the people are … voting — they’re moving out of these blue states and moving into purple or red states, and getting away from high taxes and lockdowns and restrictions and trying to have a more normal life. And the Democrats, I think, are about to hit the panic button on this one. You look at redistricting, and they’re already—it’s the blue states that are losing congressional seats and the red states that are gaining.”

Democrats are pressing liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to resign out of fear of losing the Senate in 2022, Blackburn said.

“What they’re doing is just really inappropriate,” she said. “They’re trying to use him as the poster child to make the push for term limits. And so they’re going to use him and say, ‘Well, if you hang on until you die, then the ’22 elections will happen, and then we would have problems.'”

“And I just find this—it’s just so unseemly, and it is so disrespectful, for goodness sakes. I would prefer that they approach this a little bit differently — and to try to force him, after so many decades of service, to force him off the court so that they can appoint someone who is from the left wing of the judiciary is completely inappropriate.”

In a press conference last Thursday, Blackburn disclosed why she believes Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court, claiming they want to turn it into a “super legislative body” with people who can “rubber-stamp everything they believe,” Lifezette reported.

“The Democrats are trying to pack the Court, to turn it into a super legislative body so they have people that are going to rubber-stamp everything they believe. Everything,” she said, citing the H.R. 1, Green New Deal, and the Equality Act as examples.

“And if they are successful, you will not see life protected. You will see government-run health care. I guarantee you, they will come to take away your guns. These are things you can count on because this is their agenda,” she warned. “Their policies are so unpopular, they know they could not get it through the House and the Senate. Why are they keeping the Capitol in lockdown? Why are they keeping people away, not giving them the opportunity to petition their government?”

“They are doing it because they want to radically change this country and radically change our institutions,” Blackburn said, vowing to battle the left’s drive to pack the Supreme Court and defend civil liberties.

“All these institutions are important to the American people, and they want to see us stand for the Constitution, for freedom, for liberty, for the institutions that have kept this nation free,” Blackburn added.

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