In spite of cries and complaints by progressive socialists, the Trump administration on Wednesday dumped the Obama-era Clean Power Plan that punished domestic producers and launched the Affordable Clean Energy rule that helps every state reduce emissions and encourages innovation to provide affordable, reliable, coal-fired energy as explained by Environmental Protection Agency Chief Andrew Wheeler.

He said, “We are gathered here today because the American public elected a president with a better approach and today we’re fulfilling his directive. The Affordable Clean Energy rule, ACE, gives states the regulatory certainty they need to continue to reduce emissions and provide affordable and reliable energy for all Americans. Unlike the CPP (referring to the Clean Power Plan), the ACE rule adheres to the four corners of the Clean Air Act: EPA sets the best system of emission reductions and then states set the standards of performance.”

And then Wheeler said, “Rather than punishing U.S. production and yielding the marketplace to Chinese coal, which is what the Obama Clean Power Plan did, we are leveling the playing field and encouraging innovation and technology across the sector. We set the gold standard for cleaner technologies here in the United States. If we don’t develop the next generation of clean coal technologies here in the U.S., no one else will.”||e5507b768__

While anticipating massive attacks for using the word socialism, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont still clings to a path that he calls democratic socialism, misses the president’s most recent effort to improve the environment and predicts doom and gloom.

Sanders said, “And that is the path that I call democratic socialism. I do understand that I and other progressives will face massive attacks from those who attempt to use the word socialism as a slur. Maybe I missed it. Maybe I missed it. I did not hear Donald Trump mention one word about the planetary crisis of climate change. And in fact what he boasted about is that we are producing more carbon, which is only going to speed up the climate change crisis.”

Meanwhile, the Trump administration fulfills another campaign pledge to bring back the coal industry, hit hard by competition from cheaper natural gas and heavily subsidized renewable energy. Wheeler said, “From 2005 to 2017, total U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions fell by 14 percent owing to the genius of the private sector and the free markets, not the heavy hand of government.”

And then he mentioned “When ACE is fully implemented, we expect to see the U.S. power sector reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 35 percent below 2005 levels. We also expect ACE to reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter emissions. EPA projects that ACE will result in annual net benefits of anywhere between $120 million to $730 million. The Obama administration basically froze all future clean coal technologies to the detriment of millions in China and India. We want to export our cleaner energy and technology so that we can improve lives while driving down emissions and air pollution worldwide. This is a path to true international environmental protection.”

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