San Francisco Democratic Mayor London Breed acknowledged in documents revealed on Tuesday, Aug. 3, that she had committed ethics violations while in office and agreed to pay fines.

According to San Francisco Examiner, Breed said she agreed with the fines of $22,792 following numerous discussions between her office and the city’s Ethics Commission.

The fines reportedly stem from four violations she committed while in office as mayor and District 5 supervisor.

Two violations occurred in 2015 when Breed, as a supervisor, allegedly received and failed to disclose campaign contributions in connection with a San Francisco Pride Parade float that exceeded the legal limit.

A third violation took place in 2018 when Breed asked former Gov. Jerry Brown to reduce her brother’s prison sentence—a personal matter—but used letterhead with her title as mayor on it.

Another violation happened in 2019 when Breed failed to disclose gifts from former San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, a subordinate to Breed.

The Democratic mayor said she would take full responsibility for her ethics violations.

“There were mistakes made,” Breed said at a press conference on Tuesday. “I take full responsibility for those mistakes, and I’ve learned a lot since becoming mayor and being in office. At no time have any of the things related to the stipulation had any impact on my decisions as mayor.”

“I have worked in collaboration with the Ethics Commission to come to this proposed resolution. I believe it is fair, and I hope that it can be approved by the commissioners. While nothing stipulated here had any effect on my decision-making as Mayor, it is important that, as Mayor, that I lead by example and take responsibility for my actions,” she said.

The fines still need approval by the San Francisco Ethics Commission, which will decide at its next meeting on Aug. 13.

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