The Santa Fe Sheriff’s office on Wednesday, Oct. 27, named the fourth person who touched the prop gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza onset of the movie “Rust.”

Property master Sarah Zachry was the person who came into contact with the firearm after armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed screened the prop guns for live ammo on Oct. 21, the day of the fatal accident, Fox News reported.

“She’s another individual who is being interviewed who had contact with the firearm, it seems like,” a spokesman for the department confirmed with the news agency.

According to the warrant, armorer Gutierrez locked the prop guns in a safe on a “prop truck” after checking them. The prop master Zachry, among the few people who have the key to the safe, later took the firearms out for Gutierrez.

While the guns were locked up during lunch, ammunition was left uncared for on a cart on the set and the prop truck.

After Zachry took the weapons out, armorer Gutierrez and assistant director Dave Halls were the people that touched the prop gun before movie actor Alec Baldwin. 

The firearm was expected to be a “cold gun”—emptied of live rounds, and Gutierrez could not explain how the live ammo could manifest.

The armorer put three of the guns in an unguarded cart outside the building where the fatal shooting occurred. Assistant director Halls took one of them and handed it to actor Baldwin without checking, telling him it was safe. 

Baldwin used the firearm during his rehearsal for a scene and accidentally discharged it as he pointed the gun at a camera with Hutchins and Souza standing behind.

The sheriff’s department never mentioned the prop master’s name during the investigation until the Wednesday warrant.

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