Russia may have evidence of alleged child abuse by Prince Andrew linked to the case of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Times of London said.

The media reported that a source revealed last week that the British intelligence service (MI6) is concerned that some sensitive information may come to light.

Concerns center on former Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy John Mark Dougan, who after denouncing various authorities for corruption and feeling threatened by the FBI, left the United States and applied for asylum in Russia in 2016 where he has been living ever since.

Dougan has been in contact with a senior Russian official named Pavel Borodin, who is known as President Vladimir Putin’s “mentor,” according to the New York Post.

MI6 fears that the Dougan could have saved evidence of Prince Andrew’s date with Epstein’s 17-year-old sex slave, Virginia Giuffre.

The meeting would have taken place about 20 years ago at the Palm Beach mansion owned by the multimillionaire pedophile who died under strange circumstances.

Internet photograph of Prince Andrew (left) taking Virginia Giuffre (then 17 years old) by the waist. On the right is Ghislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend and alleged pimp of Jeffrey Epstein.
Internet photograph of Prince Andrew with Virginia Giuffre (then 17 years old). On the right is Ghislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend and alleged pimp for Jeffrey Epstein. (AP Photo)

Epstein was found dead inside his maximum security cell while awaiting trial on charges of running a network of child sexual exploitation with possible links to prominent figures on the world stage.

Dougan worked in the sheriff’s office in 2005, the year he began his first investigation into Epstein, which resulted in a controversial agreement that released him after serving 13 months in prison.

“A ‘big target’ in the back”

Dougan began his career at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 2002.

John Mark Dougan, former sheriff's deputy from Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo courtesy: John Mark Dougan)
John Mark Dougan, former sheriff’s deputy from Palm Beach, Florida. (Courtesy of John Mark Dougan)

Six years later, after attempting to denounce officials who assaulted people with impunity, and not being heard, he left the body.

“There was a group of [deputies] running around beating minorities – just brutally beating them, and posting their bloodied photos on Facebook,” Dougan told Sputnik.

“It was just terrible,” remembers the former officer. “I took their pages and anonymously sent them to Internal Affairs, or thought I had done so. They tracked it back to me and put what we call a ‘big target’ on my back; they were looking for reasons to fire me,” he continued.

He founded his own website to denounce abuses of authority

Shortly after, he launched his website where citizens and agents like him denounced the abuses and corruption of law enforcement in Florida, which created even more problems for him, he explained.

“We’re talking sexual assaults being covered up, even murder, and it was all making its way to my website,” Dougan told Sputnik.

“The corruption went up to the very top,” he pointed out, recalling that one tip on his website led him to discover that the sheriff of Palm Beach County, Ric Bradshaw, allegedly spent public money on luxurious dinners for his re-election campaign, sometimes attended by people linked to organized crime.

The forum also alleged that the county sheriff had been caught stealing firearms from the evidence depot and ordering detectives to falsify reports in order to implicate minorities in the commission of various crimes.

They then “hacked” into his social networking accounts and emails, and watched his house until one day they “found an excuse,” raided the property and confiscated everything he had, Dougan said.

At the time, he decided to leave the country illegally so as not to be arrested and go to Russia thinking it was one of the few places in the world that could protect him because of its rivalry with the United States.

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