On Tuesday, March 15, Russia sanctioned U.S. President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and several other U.S. officials from entering the country, according to Reuters.

Among the high-ranking officials blacklisted by the Kremlin is Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, CIA chief William Burns, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, former Secretary of State, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the U.S. President’s son, Hunter Biden.

Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov said in a Facebook post that the Americans were being added to a ‘no-fly list’ in response to the economic blockade suffered by Russia.

“This counter-reaction was inevitably a consequence of the extremely Russophobic course taken by the current U.S. Administration, which, in a desperate attempt to maintain American hegemony, has staked its future on a frontal containment of Russia, putting aside all propriety,” the ministry added.

Later, the Kremlin added Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and 300 Canadians to the list of sanctioned individuals for encouraging what it called an “outrageous hostility of the current Canadian regime,” according to Russian RT agency reports.

“Every Russophobic attack, be it on Russian diplomatic missions, airspace closures, or Ottawa’s actual severing of bilateral economic ties to the detriment of Canadian interests, will inevitably receive a decisive and not necessarily symmetrical rebuff,” Lavrov said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department on Tuesday released a list of 11 Russian military leaders to whom it imposed sanctions because they were, it said, operating in the Russian Federation’s defense sector. They include Viktor Zolotov, commander-in-chief of the Russian National Guard, and Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Rosoboronexport, a state-controlled company that deals in arms.

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