Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh has been undergoing chemotherapy and not feeling too well lately, however, the Republican National Convention (RNC) that was held from Aug. 24 to Aug.27 was the best medicine he could have hoped for.

After suffering from a severe infection during his recent chemo treatment, he had been “feeling terrible,” but after listening to and watching the last night of the RNC, his spirits soared.

“It lifted me up, folks,” Limbaugh told his listeners on Friday, and said of the president’s speech, “It inspired me to be assured that the future holds promise, that the best is yet ahead if President Trump is re-elected. Whatever you’re going through—whether it’s an illness, a small business in trouble—the event last night truly was inspiring.”

Ivanka Trump’s speech to introduce her father also struck a chord with Limbaugh, who is fighting a battle with lung cancer. “It is right-on-the-money true, and it continues to be the case, and it explains why they continue—in the establishment, deep state, whatever—to be so outraged and indignant and irrational,” Limbaugh said. “They’re incapable of being rational when Trump is around, precisely because he is changing where they live. He’s changing where they work.”

Limbaugh described the RNC as “the most diverse political convention I’ve ever seen, including Democrat events.” He then added as reported by Fox News, “It has occurred to me that Trump isn’t just running for re-election. The story that is being told at the Republican National Convention is about saving America. It’s about saving America from a race war that the Democrats are out there actively trying to promote. They’re trying to foment it. … They want that chaos. They want this constant us-versus-them aspect of daily life. And Trump is making it clear that he’s interested in people who are constructive, productive, generally happy. He’s not interested in parasites, the generally miserable.”

Support for the president’s re-election was evident in many parts of the country, and in Florida, on Saturday a massive golf cart parade took place, with a boat flotilla adding enthusiasm toward a push for four more years of Trump in the White House.

The videos were shared by Team Trump on Twitter.

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