The Hill’s investigative journalist and executive, John Solomon, said the declassification of some documents will expose the debunked Russia collusion narrative orchestrated by Democrats, along with the FBI, the Justice Department, and other agencies, to discredit and overthrow President Trump.

The disclosures could shed more light on the investigation into the alleged Russian collusion, led by special counsel Robert Muller, which “distracted America for nearly three years.”

Among the documents that he hopes will soon be available to the public, he highlighted the transcripts of meetings between the FBI and former spy Christopher Steele, pointing out the possibility that the agency had passed information to Steele about Trump’s 2016 campaign, despite the fact that he was working for opposition candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

According to Solomon, the declassification process that began nearly a year ago, when President Trump said he was going to order the publication of all documents showing infractions committed by U.S. intelligence agencies during the Russian investigation, will soon be over.

The analyst pointed out that the 53 transcripts of nonpublic testimonies of witnesses, which the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, under then-Chairman Devin Nunes, delivered in November, could also be released.

In this context, he noted that President Trump “has an opportunity to speed up and organize the release of declassified information by simply creating an Office of Transparency and Accountability inside his own White House, run by a staffer empowered at the level of a formal assistant to the president.”

In this way, said Solomon, the president “would prevent intelligence agencies from continuing their game of public keep-away.”

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