Last Saturday, a retired purple heart veteran went dumpster-diving in Maricopa County. There, he found illegally shredded ballots and is now reported to be a wanted man.

Earl S, found shredded ballots in a dumpster outside the Maricopa County Tabulation Center. Now he is being threatened.

Purpleheart retired veteran, Earl S, and two friends went dumpster diving Saturday for illegally shredded ballots outside of Phx. Tab Ctr. @GeneralBrnovich is arresting them for collecting evidence on public property. He should be the one arrested for crime cover-up! 602.542.5025″, Alberto Kianiamien wrote on Twitter.

Earl fought for America, joining as the first marine to fight in the fiercest war of all time. He was hit by bullets, got drenched with Agent Orange, and was lucky to survive when his whole platoon couldn’t make it out.

Earl sent his life and heart into wars, and he still fights for America today. Earl has a strong feeling that ballots were destroyed in Maricopa County.

On Saturday morning, he arrived at the Maricopa County Tabulation Center and went to the open public parking lot, and saw dumpsters out in front of the area that had been open the day before. On taking a look in the dumpster, he saw a suspicious unidentified bag. He retrieved it, believing that a crime had been committed. Sure enough, he discovered shredded ballots inside. Concerned that the crime of shredding ballots was still going on, Earl went to the loading dock door to attempt to peek inside and gain video evidence of any ongoing crime. His intent was not to gain access to the facility. There is proof that ballots and voting documents were among the materials abandoned, according to The Gatewaypundit.

Officials claimed they have video evidence where people worked inside the facility on Friday, and the ballots were never left alone. Onlookers’ feedback, however, differs, and many witnesses on Friday saw votes through an open door, with no one around. Photos taken at the time show that the Tabulation center warehouse was left open and unrestricted. They tried to speak with the Attorney General on Friday regarding ongoing voter fraud and present their evidence but were rejected. Only after the shredded ballots were found in the dumpster on Saturday did the Attorney General take notice but then only to threaten Earl S. to silence whistleblowers.