Arizona Republican Representative Debbie Lesko on Feb. 8, 2021, reintroduced a bill to prevent senior Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials from obtaining U.S. visas. The underlying objective is to protect U.S. intellectual property by preventing people linked to the CCP, and its military from illegally sending valuable U.S. information, as has happened in the past.

The bill has been dubbed the Stop Intellectual Property Theft Act, which would essentially prohibit visa issuance to senior CCP officials and their spouses and children. 

These officials include members of the Politburo, a group of 25 people identified as the most elite in the Party; the Central Committee, which comprises the key leadership; and delegates to the 19th National Congress, a Party conclave held once every five years.

As stated in the draft, cabinet members of the CCP and active-duty members of China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army, would also be affected.

The bill was first introduced in November 2020, now with some modifications and co-sponsored by other lawmakers; it is again submitted for discussion in the House of Representatives.

In a press release issued on February 8, Representative Lesko stated that the United States could not continue to accept the CCP stealing our intellectual property. She said she was proud to try to stop China’s encroachment by reintroducing the bill in question.

“I am proud to reintroduce this important piece of legislation to prevent certain Chinese Communist Party officials and their families from entering our country until China stops its widespread efforts to steal American intellectual property. This legislation is critical in safeguarding our intellectual property and combating the global threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

During its four years in office, the Trump administration made enormous efforts with excellent results, arresting Chinese nationals accused of transferring information and concealing their ties to the CCP, its military, and its intelligence system.

Among the most notable actions in this regard was the Chinese consulate’s closure in Houston in July 2020. 

According to a statement by Ms. Morgan Ortagus, a State Department spokeswoman, to Fox News, the directive was carried out to “protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information,” after accusing the consulate of sending prohibited information to CCP authorities in Beijing.

In another case last July 21, two Chinese nationals working with CCP state agents were convicted of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, including hacking into laboratories working on the CCP virus vaccine, the DailyMail reported.

Several sources confirm that the CCP has clear intentions of becoming the most powerful country in the world. To achieve its perverse purpose, it needs the knowledge and advances that the United States possesses. It will spare no effort in trying, by all means, to steal valuable information from universities, the army, companies, and the U.S. government.