Four representatives signed a resolution to impeach President Joe Biden, claiming that, “He’s done so much damage to this country in less than nine months, which is really scary,” explained Ohio Republican lawmaker Bob Gibbs.

The three events motivating the impeachment demand are the border crisis, the attempt to extend the federal moratorium on evictions, and the traumatic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, according to the Sept. 21 Washington Examiner. 

“I take this seriously. I don’t think it’s haphazard. I’m not trying to get media attention for myself,” Gibbs said in an interview.

He added: “He’s not capable of being commander in chief, and that’s obvious by the actions since Day One when he took the presidency back in January. Maybe something like this makes the White House think twice before they do some of this nonsense.”

The resolution states that Biden “violated his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President” by releasing “thousands of migrants who entered the United States illegally without a date to appear in court for immigration.”

It also says he violated the Constitution’s separation of powers by promoting the extension of the federal ban on evictions and that he “failed to act responsibly as Commander in Chief with regard to the withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan.”

The resolution was also signed by Representatives Brian Babin and Randy Weber of Texas and Andy Biggs of Arizona. While it is seen as having little chance of advancing, for Gibbs, it serves another purpose. 

“it shows that there are some Republicans that think that this president needs to be impeached, he needs to be removed from office one way or another,” he said, adding, “At some point, they’re gonna be held accountable for their actions, and this is kind of putting them on notice.” 

In addition to this impeachment resolution, four others have already been filed, promoted by different representatives, accusing Biden of serious blunders during the months he has been in office. 

Moreover, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised in August that there would be a “day of reckoning” for how Biden executed the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“We can take up anything to hold [Biden] accountable for the actions that have been taken, the lies that have been given, the misdecisions that have put Americans in harm’s way,” McCarthy said at a press conference.

The chaotic exit from Afghanistan prompted the motion to impeach Biden and other top officials involved, including Pentagon chief strategist Colin Kahl.

Kahl ranks third in the Defense Department’s chain of command, and assumed the post four months ago, despite the unanimous rejection of his nomination by congressional Republicans, according to The Washington Free Beacon Sept. 2. 

“In Kahl, we have someone not even qualified for a security clearance at the center of President Biden’s incompetently planned and disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan,” stated Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.), and a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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