This week, protests erupted in several U.S. states against left-leaning agendas that have been implemented in school districts, such as mandatory facemasks, gender ideology, and critical race theory, Fox News reported.

Parents of students are becoming increasingly critical of this agenda, as they fear these policies could harm their children.

Earlier this week, an Oklahoma school board member went so far as to say that children could “commit murder” if they did not wear masks.

Although she later apologized, her comment seemed to reflect the ongoing tension over one of the hottest topics of the pandemic and the tug of war between the freedom to make their own responsible decisions versus the discourse of wanting to blame others for the situation.

On August 10, in front of Baltimore County, under the slogan “Unmask Our Children,” a coalition of parents and students demonstrated with signs against the mask mandates.

Students will return to face-to-face classes on August 30.

In Tennessee, parents also made their voices heard. They claimed that schools did not have the power to require their children to wear masks. “Parents should be able to choose what they want and how their children go to school,” said parent David Grimmett, according to NBC News.

Rankin County, Mississippi, also rebelled when it decided to implement a new mask mandate. “The choice rests with the parents and legal guardians. As a parent I make the medical decisions for my children, not the school district,” Kassie Wilson said.

Protests also erupted this August 10 in Tennessee and Kentucky over school mask and vaccine mandates.

“We want to have our own right and have our own decision to decide to wear a mask or not. That’s why I’m here today and that’s the right that I have to make that for my child as a recommendation,” said parent Keri Blare from Collierville School District in Tennessee, according to WREG Memphis.

A study published on June 30 highlights the harmful effects of face masks on children, while the authors of the research advise that children should not be forced to wear them.

The research was conducted by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association weekly since 1883.

The study results were stark: wearing face masks causes children to inhale dangerous levels of carbon dioxide that are trapped behind the mask.

The researchers found that children who inhaled air with their masks on contained more than 6 times the legal safety limit for closed rooms, as set by the German Federal Environmental Office. The safety limit is 0.2%, while the air the masked children inhaled contained more than 1.3% carbon dioxide.

Protests against forced vaccination

It seems to be a common pattern worldwide that people now take to the streets to make their voices heard and assert their rights. Usually, these calls are made through WhatsApp or social networking groups and are not politically motivated.

In Edgewood, Kentucky, hundreds of people came out to demonstrate ” over the requirement of COVID-19 (CCP virus) vaccinations for employees of Greater Cincinnati health systems,” WLWT5 NBC reported on Aug. 11.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) noted the crowd of people in his home state and tweeted his support for the protests.

“Over 1000 people showed up in NKY to oppose forced vaccinations today. I support health care workers who were praised last year but are now being told they’ll be fired if they don’t get the Covid vax,” he tweeted.

Also, on Wednesday, Aug. 11, in Washington state, a long line of people were seen taking to the streets with signs and U.S. flags to reject the forced vaccination mandate imposed by Gov. Jay Inslee (D) for local health systems, which will go into effect next Aug. 31.

“Citizens are out rallying in protest of Governor Inslee’s forced vaccine mandate outside of Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA.” tweeted conservative journalist Katie Daviscourt.

Because of these new directives, employees who resist vaccination, whether because of health concerns, religious belief, or simply because they are afraid or doubt its effectiveness, could lose their jobs.

Government agencies are increasingly pushing for the population to be inoculated but fail to warn that the vaccines were approved on an emergency basis, that they are experimental, and that people could suffer severe adverse effects or even die from their administration.

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